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Monday, June 29, 2009

langkawi trip 24/6/09 - 26/6/09 (DAY 3) the last day

guess what! I am the first one who wake up early again! =)

around 7.30am! ^^
went to have a bath and decided to go eat breakfast! LOOKING at my frens all so tired.
and also Jason, I called him wake up but he is telling me:"why r u the only one waked up?"
and *boom* sleep again LOL!

I wanted to go drive around after my breakfast, so I took the car key!

reached the breakfast place and wanted to have breakfast but I have no place to sit,
cause there is too many KIDDOS around!
but luckily they just stay there for about 15minutes and ciaoZ!

and Yoon waked up, joined me to eat breakfast! ^^
we went back and everyone get ready to go to the beach ^^

before we walk to the seawater
dead jellyfish!

and Yoon decided to take a jump shot with all of us ^^

No.1 - Jason is charging his energy to SHIT ?

No.2 - Finally he shitted out! I help u to censor! =D

No.3- Come lets do Starfish jump! BUT HOW TO do STARFISH JUMP!?
Come lets try! BUT Jason cannot jump properly!

Okay never mind, Give yo u 1 more chance!

So Jason was thinking why he cannot jump properly!

1 more time again! And finally he can jump

So now some BBoy move lol. Baby freeze and I --> cacat handstand

*SORRY ! leg not straight enough =P*

So finally Jason is exhausted. Everyone looking at him =P

Group photo 5
Our shadow! Group photo 6

Jason's writing

If you are not clear what the writing is...
here is it

Here's the writing with all of us =D no.1

no.2 *I guess that you cant read the writing*

Edited with writing =D

and we continue to jump near the sea water =D

* all the water splashing up and down=D*

and we went back to hotel, bathed and get ready to check out!
and I can get my deposit rm 100!
wuhoo! can buy chocolate already =P

and so we decided to go Langkawi Megamall again!
had lunch there Marrybrown!
but seriously I only found Marrybrown at Langkawi and Genting.
where else in KL ?! =D

went to shop, bought some chocolate! ^^

and we continue our drive to some street, so that Chay Leng can buy her perfume!
Miracle lol.
and I can't believe Ching Yoon bought a Miracle also!
guess what! she bought a DKNY Delicious, Miracle and a perfume for her mum!

and we finally went back to the Starbucks we went yesterday!
chill there again! But this time, I decided not to drink coffee anymore,
why!? cause I am too FULL!

hang out around! chit chat around!
so we saw some cheap liquor there, chivas 1L rm65 , Vodka miniature RM7
*remember the price first okay?* Continue read! =D

then we drive back to airport around 4.30pm!
And I saw some blur blur message

so our smart move, we ask our Commander Hon Leong go look out at the building!
he spy here and there like Resident Evil!
wanted to go in the shop but too scare cause he dun have M16 or Sniper lol.

so we end up stop at the airport!
arrived there, check out the Martel Cordon Blue Cognac from RM 300 --> RM400 plus!
and stupid VODKA miniature from RM 7 --> RM 12!
Chivas from RM 65 --> RM1XX

WTH! LOL! actually at first didn't get excited cause we don't know that there is an ACT saying that >18 years old, stay 48hours can buy 1 Litre of Liquor and 200 cigarettess!
so we asked the Kastam and he told us,
even 10 yeras old boy can buy 1 Litre of Liquor if he stay here for 48 hours LOL!

so what are you waiting!?
we damn regret didn't buy at the normal THE ZON DUTY FREE SHOP!

but I end up bought 1 Absolute Vodka Apeach RM59 for my dad! =)

nice bottle right?! =D

went to have dinner at Kenny Rogers! =)
not bad lar the potato that Zu Peng introduced me! Will go Kenny Rogers next time! ^^

check in and our stupid flight delay kao kao!
from 8.15pm to 8.45pm! =.=''

so what shall we do!? chit chat at the departure hall took some photos!

Here is it!
Jason with BBoy style =D

By the way, I still remember 1 stuff.
we asked an aunty to take photos for us! he helped us take 2-3times but still NOTHING!
which means he didnt press the button hard enough lol.
So AUNTY! 1 more time please.
and finally =)

SHIT men! Hon Leong wanna help me pull up my bra? =D

and the most funniest thing! MASK! how to wear a mask!
please help me check the internet!
So here is the story,
there is 1 group of friends wearing mask like us!
but wait!
their colour is lighter when we are looking them
but our colour is darker!
let me show u the photo!
Our one!

Their one

So guys! can you tell me which one is the right way!?
so while we are discussing, I can see that the gang over there is discussing too LOL!

I need some advice from doctor =)
Inform me when you know about it!

so it's time to depart the flight! stupid uncle eat the MAGGIE BOWL next to me,
make me feel like eating it too! =)

and then the aeroplane don't know why keep turn around the city!
and it's almost 10pm when we get our luggage!

run to the Bus stop for SKYBUS!
and the bus is for 10.30pm!
luckily! we enter the bus earlier! cause the bus is FULL! 10.25pm we depart from LCCT
and we arrived KL Sentral at 11.15pm.

the driver think he is driving Ferari or what, cut here and there!
the speed is like so fast! and so fast that you can't even belief! 140km/h?

by the way that time I were super tired already!

get a phone call from parents ask me to walk outside the bus stop!
stupid! I walk the wrong way and I need to walk for 500meters I guess! =.=

and Zu peng follow my parents, uncle and cousin to eat supper at Jln Sultan Ismail.
near Petaling Street.

Lol! =)
fetched him back around 12.30am.
and I went home around 1am.
and my mum said next time got chance drink with me the Vodka =)

I miss my bed!
but I miss Langkawi Trip too!

so thats all for my semester break trip! Enjoy the post ^^
give me some feedback lol.

and photos source from Ching Yoon ( facebook)
Jason Tuang ( )

thank you so much! and Jason! NO OFFENCE YA!
just for the sake of BLOGGING! =)

if you are angry I belanja u.....drink

and also to my course mate! lets plan another trip this end of december! =)

langkawi trip 24/6/09 - 26/6/09 (DAY 2)

wooots! I wake up around 7.30am.

continue with my mission : wake up all my friends.

I am glad that they can wake up ^^
eat our breakfast at around 8.30am

although the breakfast is quite sucky, but I am too hungry! LoL!
our Hon Leong need to pig a for while, so we went back hotel!

while he was piggy-ing! We had some emo talk session. =)
and finally our HonLeong wake up and we get ready ourselves!

went to Snake Sanctuary as suggested by Jason
RM10 per entrance fee.
I can actually feel the lameness before entering it.

saw King Cobra, Queen Cobra, Baby Cobra lol I just crap! =D
can't really remember the name.

Here u go pictures with the snakeeee.

Then, we continue our drive to Eagle Square. on the way we stop by at the Hot Spring

it is actually renovating, so the entrance is free. Hopefully next time I can visit and enjoy this place nicely!
Hot Spring
*saw the water, it should be hot spring water =D*

my name is Optimus Baboon
under the command of Chay Leng, we all shall find a place to eat lunch now!
therefore, I drive directly to the Kuah Town, looking for Chinese Coffee Shop.
yes it's me, I am driving =D

I eat the Char Kuey Teow. Still not bad! ^^
actually its kinda hard to find Coffee shop there, because mostly Malay shop!

continue down to Eagle square! yeah! we finally arrived the Jetty Point Langkawi
first went to take photos with the Big Eagle!
the weather is so damn hot!
Group photo 4
*thanks to the Tourist!*

Jason and I

Jason, Yoon, ME
*I am posing like the sharp pillar*

The bridge to Jetty Point Langkawi

later on, chill out at starbucks!
yeah! starbucks at Jetty Point is better...why?!

Tax freeeeeeee ^^

we sit there 2 hours plus I guess.
too tireD!

Look at my CHILLING face and you will know!
*blur blur*
*and Hon Leong promoting starbucks*

went back have a bath! and we really need to eat our dinner! ^^
so as my tour friend Alvin suggested - Orchid Ria Restaurant
and also Ching Yoon supporting me when she found out through internet about the restaurant.

Orchid Ria Restaurant

the price is quite reasonable! ^^
and the surrounding area is not too bad too!
oh yea, please becarefull that many restaurant there will try to eat your money please becarefull!
and what I eat.. egg, prawn, chicken, crabs and taufu for rm40! =D

its not total rm40.
we divided the bill. ^^

oh yea by the way! you need to wait for the food, I think we waited for about 45minutes.
its ok! We can chit chat at there right? ^^

after that my fellow friends went back and decided to finish the drinks!
and guess what they are still alright we played cards! =D

and guess what! my friend cant tahan anymore decided to...

yeah he urine at the floor =P *just joking*
he just vomiteD all the nice seafoooD he ate!
omg! Crab meat! Prawn meat! Chicken meat! =)

thats it! end of day 2 =D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

langkawi trip 24/6/09 - 26/6/09 (DAY 1)

I am excited with the trip but I am more excited that Jay won the Best Mandarin Male Singer Award lol.
but still RIP - MJ!

continue with my trip!

DAY 1 (24/6/09 )
wake up super damn early around 5am to get ready myself.
Arrived KL Sentral with Zu Peng around 6.30am, had breakfast at MC.Donald.

the third one who arrived, Hon Leong.

the next one, Ching Yoon

and lastly JASON!
he arrived 5 minutes before the bus went off -.-'' ( 7.25am )

took Skybus to LCCT arrived LCCT around 8.30 am
In the bus

Jason's gay fren lol.

Chay Leng arrived LCCT around 9am

checked in our luggage! and wait for the flighttttttttttt! =)
Boarded the plane and arrived Langkawi safely + peacefully.

straight after the flight.
my wide smile =), pointing to *Air*

group photo 1

the first thing we do is to rent a car, Avanza.
a 1.5 CC car which is under power to fit all of us including our luggage.

LOL! my planning is to visit Langkawi Cable car.
so Hon Leong is the first to be the driver!

so we are on the way, and we went to pump petrol first.
and behind the petrol is a Port. *forget the name*

unknown Port

Time to take photos!
*not yet ready la*

group photo 2

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 *Chikak*

Continue drive to Langkawi Cable car!
time to get up to cable car!
congrats Jason who dare to join US! look at Him!

*face turn kuku*!

Sea view
*it is so CHILLING*

Stop at Middle station 600meter!
*where is Zu peng*

Group photo 3
*finally Zu peng is here*

Going to last station!
*LOOK OUT at the bridge above my head*

Jason with Leng's Vincci heels
*the wind is so damn BIG*
don't feel like going down the hill already!

Beautiful sky!

another nice shot from 680 meter

The end of the bridge
*superman + superwoman*

middle of the bridge

I think we are quite exhausted, take a rest at the last station, cool down ourselves.
and continue to sit Cable car down the hill =D
oh yea! we saw the Zon Duty Free shop. went in to survey around!

the next stop Waterfall, its near to the Cable car.
we need to walk to the waterfall, I know everyone is exhausted and asking me why are we wearing jeans but we are going those jungle treakking LOL! =D
*paiseh* first time come here mah... =D
I tought all this place is easy to go!

Some photos taken there.
Promoting Yoon's beg!

We just love the sky! ^^

waterfall behind us?

so finally, Yoon come and join us!

Before, we leave the waterfall area.

went back to hotel and its almost 2pm.
checked in the hotel around 2pm.
View of the hotel. 2 queen bed room, sleeping with the guys!

and we bathed!
eat early dinner at Restoran Siam
some crab meat fried rice lol.

and continue to Kuah Town, went to Langkawi Megamall
to watch movie!
decided to watch Transformer 2!
Langkawi Cineplex!

the ticket from Jason Tuang

the poster

at night some drinking with my friends.
drink a little and slept. but some of them I think quite late only they slept.

have a chit chat with friends too.


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