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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1st sick.

Officially teach my cousin tuition =D
don't ask me how much I get. lol I don't even know too.

oh yea! this is so stupid. I get sick since Tuesday.
I don't know why also, maybe the weather is too hot?

wake up around 5am, head so dizzy drink some water go sleep back
9.30am wake up again, WORST! Head is like damn heavy.
eat 2 panadol go sleep again, use blanket cover myself to let all the sweat come out.
11am wake up. not bad, my head not so heavy already.

3pm teach cousin tuition, until 6smtg my headache again.
eat 2 panadol go sleep again. until 8smtg only wake up.
sob! didn't on air-conditioner when I sleep that night.

and stupid mosquito fly into my room cause I open the window! Zzz!
mosquitoes just love to suck my blood! T.T

today went to cousin's house to teach.
omg! I think she can't concentrate in her house. need her to come my house =P

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