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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

can I consider it 11th month celebration? lols!

6 more days only mah!
consider it 11th month celebration lar =D

wake upppp get ready myself! went to school to wait for babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D
i waited in the car for 30 minutes ler!
Zy+Yuan FFK say meet 12pm but I late also lar =D

finally they reached. omg! when JingYuan, Ashely, YeeSim and Shao Wei
sit in my car! I can feel that I need to step Acceleration harder to move! =D

I think I am normal to drive alone already.

turn turn turn around carpark! saw 1 couple or frens or what! Telling the Black Honda Civic the direction! I don't care I just rush to that place and waited them!
lol! their car really at there. GOOOD! =D
need to say thanks to them and the Honda Civic owner! haha! *noob*

went to Signature at Gardens, Signature only lar! Not Gold class lol.
wanted to watch 17Again at 1.30pm argh! too late choosed 1.55pm Drag me to Hell!
not more than 12 ppl in the cinema! scarry HUH!? =D

btw I can't believe ah yean so brave woh! LOL! dare to watch horror movie with me!
is it cause I am next to you =D

Lol! know you are starving lar, wanted to try Canton-I. I can c that you don't really like.
end up choose Kim Gary!
i just love that Baked Cheese Riceeee so mucH! today eat the Beef want.
seafood want is still the best =D

later on walk around and went to New Zealand natural or neutral ? or nature? lol.

bought ice cream for there, don't know Strawberry or what and Chocolate Cookies =D
wanted to try Gelatissimo. too bad, baby want New Zealand! haha.

will try Gelatissimo. next time! =D
went home and quickly teach my cousin! can't believe she told me tomorrow got test! ^^

wuhooo! happy day to enjoy with my babeeeeeeeeee!


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