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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Congrats Jay chou =D



for winning

1. Best Mandarin Male Singer

2. Best Song of the Year - 稻香

3. Best Music Video - 魔術先生

in 20th Golden Melody Awards!

Congratulations! =D
This is the first time he get Best Mandarin Male Singer in GMA.
But sad case! He can't attend the ceremony, if not you get to see him on the stage 3 times lol.

He needs to attend a commercial event that he cant pull out due to a contract signed.

wow! feel great right now! ^^
by the way I will still support you till I am old I guess =P
Guess what..I love to sing
during singK session!
Don't believe ask MunHon or Jun Mun!

By the way till now, he still did not talk a single stuff about him winning the award, tonight newspaper should got. ^^

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