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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally I have time to relax

Hey all! I am back.
Pump with 1000Litre RON 95 oil lol.

You can ask me not to sleep
You can ask me to play Restaurant City (facebook)
You can ask me to listen to music
You can ask me to talk to you in msn
You can ask me to go out (but need tell earlier lar) xD!
You can ask me to accompany you 24 hours..NO YOU CAN'T!
I belongs to my babe =D

so guess what! I finished my CAT 1st semester, 1 more semester to go.
say bye bye to T1-T5. *Oops*
Sorry I still need you in my brain memory for my further studies haha.
Come back come back, I still need you! ^^ don't run away.

Let me see few days back,
study like mad. T5 worst, aim for too high till at night can't sleep well.
4.30am wake up, 6.30am wake up again. in the end 7am wake up and study again.

Personal Grading
T3, slightly harder than normal standard
T4, easier than normal standard
T5, normal standard (p/s: Unexpected 14 marks question for Subjective no. 1 to 4, which means no break down like 1(a), 1 (b) )

Overall still can pass lar ^^
goodbye ms.Yiong,ms.Geetha and mrBill!

Next, 3 weeks of holiday! damn sien lar!
no holidays for me T.T
stupid H1N1 argh!!

oh yea can we plan some Genting trip or Redang trip. haih...sad wei. holiday stay at home!?
and btw I have a new task or job in this coming few months lol.
teach my cousin (uncle dad side daughter) tuition. standard 6 only can lar!

k to my college mates, enjoy your holiday! any outing just call me!
and pleaseeee! I want to go Redang or Genting =P

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