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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday outing --> Times Square,KL

damn it, my head is pain again when I waked up this morning.
ah whatever, I just drink the juice and continue bath.

luckily it turn out better if not...

Daniel reached my house around 11.10am ^^
reached Times square around 11.30am.
I can't believe Times Square parking is kinda full.
meet up with Jason, Leng and Beh.
lol Beh doing something she like again. scream my name loudly lol.

we decided to singK, went in to sing for 2 hours. and had our lunch there.
lol. Michelle and Daniel so shy to sing huh!?
omg. my voice almost KO after singing that song Numb- Linkin Park.
I drink so much water after sing K.

went to shop and Jason bought his Prom shirt. ^^
he rich mah lol.

bought Krispy Kream and Leng fetched me home. ahhh! so damn tired in the car,
somemore went through Smart Tunnel.

thanks to Leng and Daniel.
had fun!~

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