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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the hardcore time staring..


look at my next semester time table!

Don't get shocked! becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Monday to Wednesday we need to study till 6.15pm!
Monday worst!
Tuesday worst!
Luckily Wednesday got 3 - 4 hours break in the middle! I CAN GO FOR MOVIE!!!
Thursday till 2.45pm need go back teach cousin tuition =P
Friday also need to teach tuition!

I am so damn busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the next semester is driving me crazy!

I have to tell myself! I CAN DO IT =D

so what should I do in 2 more weeks! ENJOY my freaking holiday!
guess what I think my holidays is around 1 month LOL! 4 weeks of holiday!? ooo!

i am going to Langkawi with 5 college mates! =D
yeah! finally I can go for a trip! and not stay in the house rotting!

Oh yea...need to buy chocolate too. ^^
to my frensssssssss! I am not rich lar, will buy some for u all =D
even if it is 1 small bar of kit kat is enough right? cause I really have the damn heart to buy for u all =DDDDDDD!@

alright! TIME TO SLEEP AT 10PM =D

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