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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

holidays having fun? im doubt of that.

I am sure some of you are having fun with your holidays right?
went to Bali? Thailand? lol.

but guess what, I am having fun also in MALAYSIA.
nah! just kidding. ^^

just spend most of the time with my friends.
just went to badminton today! not bad, Exercise is just good for health! ^^
burn my fats! but later on went to A&W and drink Root Beer float,
which means what exercise I had done = useless! ^^

back to the point, yeah! Jason Thuang is organising a Langkawi trip and I am helping out.

and another OUTING for my classmates which I well prepared need to have some changes here.
cause 27 June, Catholic High school is having school! to replace Hari Raya holidays.
so I shall delay 1 week later. 4th of July!
its very hard for me to make a date for everyone, I think that's the final date. =.=''

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