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Sunday, June 14, 2009

i love cash!

wake up in the morning, get ready myself and went to Federal Hotel.
actually planned to drive but wanna save parking money so just ask parents fetch.

reached there, wow a lot people already.
met up with Wei Jie, Kong Weng and the rest.

Lol! Wei Ji said that we will be in the first picture, I don't really believe.
But after 5minutes later, I am on the stage =D

took picture and went to have some beverage and food.
Astin, KongWeng, Wei Ji, Tzen Haw, Julius, Jun Mun, Wei Chuen and I walk to Pavillion.
We went to eat pasta at Pastamania, their pasta not bad! =D
But I choose to eat Baked Rice, but I think Kim Gary's want is still better!

We watched Blood: the last vampire
action is more than enough, but it's too fake.
storyline - no comment.
overall rating 3.5/10

Parents fetched me at Jln Tun Sambathan around 5.30pm.
I must watch Drag Me to Hell and 17 Again this week!

Goodnight everyone!

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