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Sunday, June 28, 2009

langkawi trip 24/6/09 - 26/6/09 (DAY 1)

I am excited with the trip but I am more excited that Jay won the Best Mandarin Male Singer Award lol.
but still RIP - MJ!

continue with my trip!

DAY 1 (24/6/09 )
wake up super damn early around 5am to get ready myself.
Arrived KL Sentral with Zu Peng around 6.30am, had breakfast at MC.Donald.

the third one who arrived, Hon Leong.

the next one, Ching Yoon

and lastly JASON!
he arrived 5 minutes before the bus went off -.-'' ( 7.25am )

took Skybus to LCCT arrived LCCT around 8.30 am
In the bus

Jason's gay fren lol.

Chay Leng arrived LCCT around 9am

checked in our luggage! and wait for the flighttttttttttt! =)
Boarded the plane and arrived Langkawi safely + peacefully.

straight after the flight.
my wide smile =), pointing to *Air*

group photo 1

the first thing we do is to rent a car, Avanza.
a 1.5 CC car which is under power to fit all of us including our luggage.

LOL! my planning is to visit Langkawi Cable car.
so Hon Leong is the first to be the driver!

so we are on the way, and we went to pump petrol first.
and behind the petrol is a Port. *forget the name*

unknown Port

Time to take photos!
*not yet ready la*

group photo 2

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 *Chikak*

Continue drive to Langkawi Cable car!
time to get up to cable car!
congrats Jason who dare to join US! look at Him!

*face turn kuku*!

Sea view
*it is so CHILLING*

Stop at Middle station 600meter!
*where is Zu peng*

Group photo 3
*finally Zu peng is here*

Going to last station!
*LOOK OUT at the bridge above my head*

Jason with Leng's Vincci heels
*the wind is so damn BIG*
don't feel like going down the hill already!

Beautiful sky!

another nice shot from 680 meter

The end of the bridge
*superman + superwoman*

middle of the bridge

I think we are quite exhausted, take a rest at the last station, cool down ourselves.
and continue to sit Cable car down the hill =D
oh yea! we saw the Zon Duty Free shop. went in to survey around!

the next stop Waterfall, its near to the Cable car.
we need to walk to the waterfall, I know everyone is exhausted and asking me why are we wearing jeans but we are going those jungle treakking LOL! =D
*paiseh* first time come here mah... =D
I tought all this place is easy to go!

Some photos taken there.
Promoting Yoon's beg!

We just love the sky! ^^

waterfall behind us?

so finally, Yoon come and join us!

Before, we leave the waterfall area.

went back to hotel and its almost 2pm.
checked in the hotel around 2pm.
View of the hotel. 2 queen bed room, sleeping with the guys!

and we bathed!
eat early dinner at Restoran Siam
some crab meat fried rice lol.

and continue to Kuah Town, went to Langkawi Megamall
to watch movie!
decided to watch Transformer 2!
Langkawi Cineplex!

the ticket from Jason Tuang

the poster

at night some drinking with my friends.
drink a little and slept. but some of them I think quite late only they slept.

have a chit chat with friends too.

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