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Monday, June 29, 2009

langkawi trip 24/6/09 - 26/6/09 (DAY 2)

wooots! I wake up around 7.30am.

continue with my mission : wake up all my friends.

I am glad that they can wake up ^^
eat our breakfast at around 8.30am

although the breakfast is quite sucky, but I am too hungry! LoL!
our Hon Leong need to pig a for while, so we went back hotel!

while he was piggy-ing! We had some emo talk session. =)
and finally our HonLeong wake up and we get ready ourselves!

went to Snake Sanctuary as suggested by Jason
RM10 per entrance fee.
I can actually feel the lameness before entering it.

saw King Cobra, Queen Cobra, Baby Cobra lol I just crap! =D
can't really remember the name.

Here u go pictures with the snakeeee.

Then, we continue our drive to Eagle Square. on the way we stop by at the Hot Spring

it is actually renovating, so the entrance is free. Hopefully next time I can visit and enjoy this place nicely!
Hot Spring
*saw the water, it should be hot spring water =D*

my name is Optimus Baboon
under the command of Chay Leng, we all shall find a place to eat lunch now!
therefore, I drive directly to the Kuah Town, looking for Chinese Coffee Shop.
yes it's me, I am driving =D

I eat the Char Kuey Teow. Still not bad! ^^
actually its kinda hard to find Coffee shop there, because mostly Malay shop!

continue down to Eagle square! yeah! we finally arrived the Jetty Point Langkawi
first went to take photos with the Big Eagle!
the weather is so damn hot!
Group photo 4
*thanks to the Tourist!*

Jason and I

Jason, Yoon, ME
*I am posing like the sharp pillar*

The bridge to Jetty Point Langkawi

later on, chill out at starbucks!
yeah! starbucks at Jetty Point is better...why?!

Tax freeeeeeee ^^

we sit there 2 hours plus I guess.
too tireD!

Look at my CHILLING face and you will know!
*blur blur*
*and Hon Leong promoting starbucks*

went back have a bath! and we really need to eat our dinner! ^^
so as my tour friend Alvin suggested - Orchid Ria Restaurant
and also Ching Yoon supporting me when she found out through internet about the restaurant.

Orchid Ria Restaurant

the price is quite reasonable! ^^
and the surrounding area is not too bad too!
oh yea, please becarefull that many restaurant there will try to eat your money please becarefull!
and what I eat.. egg, prawn, chicken, crabs and taufu for rm40! =D

its not total rm40.
we divided the bill. ^^

oh yea by the way! you need to wait for the food, I think we waited for about 45minutes.
its ok! We can chit chat at there right? ^^

after that my fellow friends went back and decided to finish the drinks!
and guess what they are still alright we played cards! =D

and guess what! my friend cant tahan anymore decided to...

yeah he urine at the floor =P *just joking*
he just vomiteD all the nice seafoooD he ate!
omg! Crab meat! Prawn meat! Chicken meat! =)

thats it! end of day 2 =D

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