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Saturday, June 13, 2009

went Klang and pooooooL

wuhooo! my few heng dai today so free..
after they finished Bball, Zhen Yoong came my house to fetch me.

Decided to go Klang to eat BakKutTeh lol.
Ok we found the way and the shop.
omg! I just damn love BAK KUT TEH! =D
only Klang's want..!

later on went to Asia Cafe, to play poooL! Did I win E.Yuan? Or a Tie? 2-2 or 3-1 I forget arleady.

around 3-4pm we went to Snow Flake ( directly opposite Asia cafe).
not bad the tong sui! I will go back that shop to try others fo sure.

ahhH! i just got the damn MOVIE ADDICTION! I wanted to watch movie, Drag me to hell but no 1 agree with me so....
end up around 6pm went to Sunway College to meet Yvonne to take my c.Lens!

and I went home, at night went to McDonald to eat supper. Big N Tasty! =D
I know it's fattening don't worry next Wednesday, Badminton time!

end of the day.

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