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Sunday, June 21, 2009

woots! just came back from work =D

Happy Papa's Day!

oh yea dad, I love you.
yeah! I know you didn't express much to me, but from small till now,
you are always that caring. You care for me =D
still remember last time tuition need you to fetch me home, you will be there 10minutes earlier, every time you are the one waiting me, I'm not the one waiting you!

I know you won't see this xD! I even paiseh to tell you lar. ^^
will bring u for dinner! ^^ Tenji enough? =D

back to work!
can't believe it, restaurant not much people =D
not busy at all, not like Valentines Day and Mother's day lol.
I asked my mum why so many people celebrate Mother's day in restaurant and not Father's day.
she answer:" Cause FATHER is useless."
I am just joking.
Actually she answered :" Cause...Mum always cook right? During Mother's day, mum lazy cook wanna be the Queen so just celebrate outside. But during Father's day, Mum will ask the husband to stay in the house cause she can cook!."

wow! not bad! This theory acceptable right? haha! Don't ya think so? XD

anyway back to the working, not much people so just help around with the bill.
Took quite long to print the bill compare to those Trained Cashier.
so many dishes!! =.=''

went back home around 10.45pm.
oh wait! Tried the Carpetbag steak. Why I tried this steak? I am bored of Sirloin =D
and the name sound interesting!
CARPET - BAG steak xD! I am reading the menu when I am too free.

image is just for illustrating purpose! =D Actual image may vary from above.
Basically just fillet steak with 2 oyster in it =D

Home sweettt home. Can't believe my babe 2am only sleep with me lol.
no need exam aH!? =D

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