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Friday, July 31, 2009

Winnie's birthday (1/8/09) celebration


so today, study till 5.30pm right!? =.=
CSB class new teacher Miss Malathi should be MRS MALATHI

very good! she is friendly and joke with us. =)
luckily I did not sleep in the class.

well on the opposite of my class, there is only 6ppl studying CSB which is the previous group3 lol.
so yeng!! ^^
Hopefully we can break their record Ok?

so today finished class, and our good friend. Leng went steamboat with us!
believe it or not! =D
she is just so spontaneously. haha maybe she thinks that Jason need her LOL! =)
so eventually SHE WENT!
nice friend right!? I know you are looking at these. Don't laugh in front of your laptop!


meet new friends, Andrew, Jeffrey, WeeQuan, Nicholas, Bryan and the cute guy! forget what name. suppose to be Winnie and Sine Yee's friend. =D

Summer BBQ&Steamboat

nice chit-chat session. and the "AM CHUN" Eggs makes me so damn full. thanks to Andrew who take so many of "AM CHUN" eggs! =.=
trust me I eat at least 15-2o of it!

so next time if you all have any steamboat party, you know who to choose right? =)
choose me, I help you sapu like Bandaraya! haha.

well, tomorrow need to go PcFair buy external hard disk drive and also going Astin's BBQ party if possible! =)
see ya.
pictures will uploaded once i get it. stay tune.

The only group photo.

Credits: Jason Tuang & Winnie

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Honda - the power of dreams

Honda the power of dreams, and I dream in the class.

damn shit! 12am only sleep and today lack of attention during T9 classes.
the knowledge of Interest Income is not in mind.

flash back to this morning, my hand like OKU can't even raise high but it is better now. =)
hopefully not muscle tear or what k?
Now I know how I Jesslyn feel =D

went back home, open the mailbox found a greeting cards from Honda to Mum.
since her birthday is 5th of Aug
nice pouch huh!? =)

and tomorrow is Lembaga Maintenance Annual GM.
hopefully everything is solved and good luck to my form 4 LM Junior.
and when you start to become part of the committee please appreciate the chance of it, and work the best for LM, cause time is short. 1 year is just so damn fast.

and tomorrow I really want to attend the AGM, but it still depends =D

oh yea, and my beloved friends Farhan came back from 1 week,
I think I shall accompany him this Saturday!!

but I need to study. T.T

goodnight everyone!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

outings and gym

so after class went out with the new group 3 friends. =)
and of course with the old friends!!

so the only picture we take. today

hopefully next time we can involve more people. =D

at first lunch at Kim Gary.

then went bowling. get the 2nd last lol.

later on went to gym with Eric and Zu peng till 5.30pm.

continue to cousin's house. teach tuition and reached home around 9.30pm.
I am super tired.

and Astin just inform me that there will be a BBQ party at her condo!
this saturday. will go there and meet you all at night!

I wanna freaking study!!!!!

goodbye and goodnight!

MTV world stage

guess what. we have a quiz today from our T7 lecturer!
after the QuiZ from our lecturer Miss PayLing

1st prize.
-1 bar of chocolate

2nd prize
haha. just kidding!
actually its for us to share around. CONSOLATION PRIZE
everyone pick 2! =)

too bad, to be truthfully. i don't like the style you teach. but somehow when i ask you questions I understand more lol.

funny stuff here.
Imagine Leng screaming up and down, :"WHERE IS MY NOTE BOOK!"
and after 2minutes
i told her:" it's actually under your pencil case"
*LAUGH!!!!* =.=''

and my friend Jason, the guy who can speak 1 sentence with vulgar words lol.
what if he can't use vulgar words?
the only thing he will do is

haha. i have 2 cute friends lol.

oh yea today kinda lucky, get 1 mosh pit ticket for MTV World Stage
aiyooo! y give 1 ticket only? 1 ppl go Lagoon Surf Beach and High!? =.=''

I need more tickets, anyway who is going inform me k?

photos. =)
I think i am lucky cause I stand in the middle LOL! =.=

MC demonstrating.
position and get ready.
video from Wan Yee

Winner of the first game =)and finally the ticket.
To get more infomation about MTV World stage.

Below are the bands coming to Malaysia performing at S.Lagoon Surf beach

The All American Rejects


Monday, July 27, 2009

random post!

from Wan Yee's blog! CLICK HERE

nice 1 huh!? =)
but can't see my blue contact lens =D

*my evil laugh*?


guess what next FRIDAY is Progress Test for T6 ALREADY!
which means this saturday and sunday stay at home STUDY!!

doing t8 homework from mr.Jay now.
good luck everyone!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taman Pertanian Malaysia Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam. + Gym

wake up around 6am, start to pack up everything. =)

drive to school and reached Kanaa Curry House around 7.15am
no1 there, just talk to C.Pui Yee's brother.

saw Chun Yan. =)
later on Ying Yen, Wan Ning! =D

and here you go my best friend Wei Jie lol.
he is getting taller and taller DAMN! =.=''

talk with him for while. and depart to
Taman Pertanian Malaysia Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam.

entrance fee is only RM3
and we went to rent bicycle. New bicycle first hour RM5, continuous hour add RM1.

testing bicycle
Tsae Shiang
first pit stop
*spotted me?*
went to some kind of mini rabbit farm lol
cam whoring time!
interesting 1

next stop! 4 season house!
its Early Summer now!
Model post!
model name: Henry Tan
LM Committee 07/08
from left:ME, Fiona, Pui Yee, Tsae Shiang, KaiLin, Jia Chie n WeiJie
LOVE LM forever!

and guess what TAN JEE SENG is HERE!

with Vincentget ready for next stop
LM bicycle team.
anyone interested?
contact me for more information

place where they keep lots of fishes =)
*down there you cant see*
LM Committee 06/07
*almost SINK!*

LM Committee 07/08

beautiful scenary
stupid Soon Jin behind!
Jia Chie n I
Group photo

and next we went to Lorong Rajin
there is a huge tower!!
*climbing up*

on the way back to Start point.

reached =) everyone is exhausted *Tsae Shiang + Song Jian

*JUST KIDDING LAR! we are a big family RIGHT!? =)*

went Klang to eat BakKutTeh since it is so near!
*energetic face*

Last one. my yeng-gest photo!? lol.
*like driving Lamborghini*

Conclusion: Actually it's a good place to exercise, cycling everywhere you like. And if you don't like cycling you can sit their shuttle bus. Don't worry =)
we must always enjoy healthy lifestyle right? but believe it anot, I even saw someone smoking in this TAMAN! -.-''
it is consider cheap.
a good place to hang out with friends which is highly active =D
you can train your stamina here too.
About interesting places there, nothing much interesting. =)
overall it's gooD!

guess what. I went to gym at night with Eric =)
lol muscle pain already.

Enjoy my blog everyone!!
don't just browse through the pictures lar! =D

and CLICK the advertisement!


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