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Thursday, July 23, 2009

CAT + ACCA Prom 17/7/09

first ever Prom organized by Sunway ACCA Club.
Date: 17/7/09 Friday Venue: Sunway Resort Hotel n Spa

finished around 11pm. and went back home with Jason to have some nap.
the pro Jason play CS until 1.15pm only start to nap.

We have our nap till 3pm. and brought Jason to the hotel reception.

I went back home and get ready myself.

thanks to Jason Tuang who "rough up" my hair.
here's the product of it.
meet up with Leng and Beh.
Jason and I
*Choose 1 and reply in my chatbox!*
4 of us!
*so grand*?
walk with the others to ballroom.
*Protecting Mafia Boss*
Boon look so serious! =)
*Yoon smiling*
I am not sure who are we looking at. *SHOCKED*

Waiting for the others

from left: Me,HonLeong, Daniel,Jason
and here comes Munn Sing in the middle! =)
With Michelle
*oops I'm not looking at the camera
Found one perfect picture with her
DLSR shot!?
The girls from left: Michelle, Leng,Beh n Yoon
Jason:"Peace brother! I know you more handsome."

Group photo Boys
*Freaking handsome mafia boss in the middle*

another 1!

like Superstar like that? =D *cant find a picture with Amanda!*
Register time!
The ballroom

Jason n I
From left: Me,Jason,Leng n Beh
Here's our T4 Lecturer- Miss Geetha

The first food! =) *we are so damn HUNGRY*
finish it in 5mins

oooPs! what's down there?
Wee Liang n Hon Leong BANG

So they are on the stage to compete =)
Guess what, the 1 with Black coat won =) he dance like MJ and win the crowd!

and Wee Liang got the CK Be deodorant spray!
My primary school frens *Penny*

Katharine, Jason n I
The girls with ms.Geetha

and now the Boys!
another 1

MC of the day -J.J (
*in the middle*
MC- J.J and Rina

Juvee n I

Boon Siew n I
*Prom Nominees, =)*
Eric n I
*handsome enough, tall enough* and the most important STILL AVAILABLE!

Ching Yoon n I

Yvonne n I

Darsh *the mafia boss*

It's too dark!
and... .. .

STUPID H.L Bank! im going to report 911! and my VIP will smack you hard!
From left Best Dress for Girl n Guy, MrTeo, Prom King, Prom Queen

their dancing time!

Kar Hei n I
ME,Nick and Nick's gf

From left: ME, Kat jie, n Jason

JY n I
Jia Chie n I

take your risk!
Naughty girl n Naughty Boy! =)

went to BarC with friends.
21 of us and Daniel's friend.

fire burning on the dance floor, and I dance.

THAT's all! =)
will update if i get extra photos!

Credits to:
Beh Ying Zhen, Michelle Thong, Lee Teen, Bryan, ChingYoon
(camera owner)

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and thanks to those who support this blog!


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