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Thursday, July 2, 2009

DanCe Subaru + outings!

Today is Super Wednesday! So for movie addicted Baboon!
He must watch movie!
went to GSC Midvalley to watch Dance Subaru 11.30pm.
Overall rating 7.5/10!
so go and watch you wont regret!
But still cannot compare with Transformer lol. =)
Forget to mention that the actress, *look at the poster Left number 2*
its the same with One Missed Call FINAL!

after my movie, went to school to fetch babe to had lunch =P
can't believe the rains become heavy when I reach the Junction to school =.=''
went to PJ Newtown around MBPJ
wanted to find the White Curry Mee but can't find it so end up enjoy KFC =)
around 4pm fetch babe to school! and not to forget that I give her some chocolate! ^^

then I went to cousin's house! had some mashed potato!
teach her till 9pm.
of course there is break in between! =)

reached home around 10pm!
and I must play Bejewelled =.=''

goodnight everyone!

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