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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

form 5 classmates outing! =) 4/7/09 UPDATED

wake up around 10am eat "Pao" for my breakfast!
to be exact, its Char Siew Pao lol

around 11.30am I went to Jalan Batai Laut, Klang first, to book places for my friend.
around 12 person! =)

we waited till 1pm.
all of them arrived =)
Shall name out who.
Wong Chun Wai, Zhen Yoong, Tan Eng Yuan, Shu Ying, Kock Hwua, Tan Kai Jie,
Keenen, JayWvin, Jun Mun, Li kee and Wei Quan.

cant believe in 20minutes we finish our BKT =)
around 1.30pm speed back to Sunway Pyramid.

and yeah! I reached Pyramid first =D
2nd Zhen Yoong and 3rd Chun Wai almost 2.30pm only reach lol
its ok lar! I know traffic jam and no parking.

when Likee, Keenen and I were walking, MunHon suddenly appear LOL! =)
so need to delay his time, since everything is not ready yet in Wong Kok Restaurant.

Jason Chong bought the cake and quickly gather at Wong Kok with EngYuan,ZY,KockHwua they all. =)

and since I want to buy new shoes, went to Nike to look at the Lunar Glider! Not bad, but does it suits walking? as in if it pairs with Long Jeans. its still ok, but what if Quarter pants? T.T
please give me some comment!!

Check out this link for the shoe image.

and also there is for another reason why I want to try the new shoes lol.
to delay MunHon's time!

so we celebrated there.
chit-chatted there.
bonded there =P

many of them left after Wong Kok! and left 8 of us watching the movie.
Chun Wai, Iiko, EngYuan, ZhenYoong, KaiJie, Wei Quan, MunHon and ME

and later on we went for movie Ice Age 3

funny although the joke is quite lame lol.
Personal Rating: 7/10

trust me! When you have no mood or bad mood, go in the cinema and watch
you will end up having a big wide smile! =)

oh yea! before the movie went to buy some prom stuff =X
thanks for MunHon for acompany me!

and later on have dinner at Station 1 Cafe.

stupid dumbo me lol.
I tought it is Sweet and Sour Chicken Chop Rice

but when I eat it omg! why a little spicy.
I flip back the menu its written
Sweet and SPICY chicken chop rice lol LAME!

around 8 smtg went back home!

and yea!

knew him since form4, but we are close frens edi =P
everytime go out wont forget about him!
enjoy your 18!

thanks for those who attend the gathering! and besides that stay tune for new gathering!

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