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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Honda - the power of dreams

Honda the power of dreams, and I dream in the class.

damn shit! 12am only sleep and today lack of attention during T9 classes.
the knowledge of Interest Income is not in mind.

flash back to this morning, my hand like OKU can't even raise high but it is better now. =)
hopefully not muscle tear or what k?
Now I know how I Jesslyn feel =D

went back home, open the mailbox found a greeting cards from Honda to Mum.
since her birthday is 5th of Aug
nice pouch huh!? =)

and tomorrow is Lembaga Maintenance Annual GM.
hopefully everything is solved and good luck to my form 4 LM Junior.
and when you start to become part of the committee please appreciate the chance of it, and work the best for LM, cause time is short. 1 year is just so damn fast.

and tomorrow I really want to attend the AGM, but it still depends =D

oh yea, and my beloved friends Farhan came back from 1 week,
I think I shall accompany him this Saturday!!

but I need to study. T.T

goodnight everyone!

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