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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MTV world stage

guess what. we have a quiz today from our T7 lecturer!
after the QuiZ from our lecturer Miss PayLing

1st prize.
-1 bar of chocolate

2nd prize
haha. just kidding!
actually its for us to share around. CONSOLATION PRIZE
everyone pick 2! =)

too bad, to be truthfully. i don't like the style you teach. but somehow when i ask you questions I understand more lol.

funny stuff here.
Imagine Leng screaming up and down, :"WHERE IS MY NOTE BOOK!"
and after 2minutes
i told her:" it's actually under your pencil case"
*LAUGH!!!!* =.=''

and my friend Jason, the guy who can speak 1 sentence with vulgar words lol.
what if he can't use vulgar words?
the only thing he will do is

haha. i have 2 cute friends lol.

oh yea today kinda lucky, get 1 mosh pit ticket for MTV World Stage
aiyooo! y give 1 ticket only? 1 ppl go Lagoon Surf Beach and High!? =.=''

I need more tickets, anyway who is going inform me k?

photos. =)
I think i am lucky cause I stand in the middle LOL! =.=

MC demonstrating.
position and get ready.
video from Wan Yee

Winner of the first game =)and finally the ticket.
To get more infomation about MTV World stage.

Below are the bands coming to Malaysia performing at S.Lagoon Surf beach

The All American Rejects


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