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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Public Shopping =X

wow! finished HIGHLY ACTIVE Moral classes from Miss Annie

sometimes she is too high! =)
and you know Moral class is still Moral class, I am "fishing" inside the class =D

after the class, went to watch movie. Public Enemies
I am sorry to say that, this movie actually kinda boring.
I can feel that this movie is kind of dragging, drag you to 2hours 20mins.
I am not sure how others think. But my friends agree with me too.
If you are talking about excitement, you can't really feel it.

1930's shooting is not interesting right? Compare to modern technoology Transformer =X
But if you are those who love history. Go for it. It is worth =P

and If you feel so sleepy want to have a good rest! Go watch too, a girl in front of my seats, slept for quite long LOL!

Go try it yourself and feel it yourself! =)
overall story I still like it.
Overall rating: 5.5/10

after movie, guess what saw Zu Peng with XXXL size Padini plastic beg, so Jason and I were shocked! this is the first time I saw this kinda big Padini plastic beg lol.
well ok. he spend 4 digits today for his shopping! =)

went to Kim Gary with WanYee, Eric, ZuPeng, whose the girl with Wan Yee again?
sorry lar! i can't remember new friend name. Give me some time!

walk around! till 8.45pm cousin came and fetched me! ^^

sure go shopping tomorrow! Shopaholic!

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