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Friday, July 31, 2009

Winnie's birthday (1/8/09) celebration


so today, study till 5.30pm right!? =.=
CSB class new teacher Miss Malathi should be MRS MALATHI

very good! she is friendly and joke with us. =)
luckily I did not sleep in the class.

well on the opposite of my class, there is only 6ppl studying CSB which is the previous group3 lol.
so yeng!! ^^
Hopefully we can break their record Ok?

so today finished class, and our good friend. Leng went steamboat with us!
believe it or not! =D
she is just so spontaneously. haha maybe she thinks that Jason need her LOL! =)
so eventually SHE WENT!
nice friend right!? I know you are looking at these. Don't laugh in front of your laptop!


meet new friends, Andrew, Jeffrey, WeeQuan, Nicholas, Bryan and the cute guy! forget what name. suppose to be Winnie and Sine Yee's friend. =D

Summer BBQ&Steamboat

nice chit-chat session. and the "AM CHUN" Eggs makes me so damn full. thanks to Andrew who take so many of "AM CHUN" eggs! =.=
trust me I eat at least 15-2o of it!

so next time if you all have any steamboat party, you know who to choose right? =)
choose me, I help you sapu like Bandaraya! haha.

well, tomorrow need to go PcFair buy external hard disk drive and also going Astin's BBQ party if possible! =)
see ya.
pictures will uploaded once i get it. stay tune.

The only group photo.

Credits: Jason Tuang & Winnie

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