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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

About 14 AUG 09 =)

what is so nice about 14 Aug?

continue read the post below and enjoy! =D

so it is about an outing to eat Korean BBQ at Ampang. A korean village.
and continue to crash at Joovee's house!

I thought just few of us went. but eventually
Jason, Munn Sing, Joovee, Ching Yoon,
Boon Siew, Darsh, Leng, Beh, Yvonne and mr.Bill
tag along!

so I drive Joovee's BMX. it's BMW. =D to Ampang.
*too bad not mine*

of course must drive safely right? =)
drive to Boon Siew's house through MRR2 Highway.

so arrived at Boon Siew house and wait for Darsh eventually went to MRR1 highway which is damn freaking jam.

and by the way, I weight my ownself in Boon Siew's house.
I am now 65kg.
from 58 to 65. =)
In Boon siew's house.

I look fat?= =''

Playing Boon Siew's drum set.

Boon Siew showing off his skill.

007 female edition.
*protecting my "Boss"*

Walking to the Korean restaurant.

Group photo 1
*Jason act cool*


T5 lecturer mr Bill.
He is a joker as long as Jason n I present.


Ching Yoon

Munn Sing *blur post*

Boon Siew
*Nice stick*

Yvonne n mr Bill

Beh n Leng

My mafia boss.
*Holding phone for Him*

ME! *look fat*

Before we ciao

So we actually went back to Boon house to kacau for while
then only continue to Great Easten Mall - Alexis Restaurant and Bar
it is a chilling place, but I don't really enjoy there.
Jazz band.
do you think I know how to listen to Jazz music?

I prefer Krazy.
and not forget to mention the delicious Cake.

Choosing the cake.

The candle and shots

so while we are planning to get away from this restaurant.
Here you come the Bill and eventually Bill paid itself. =)

getting FOC?

yeah you get it.
Unbelivable mr.Bill pay for the Bill.
how much does it cost?
I think it's around Rm168.

really thank you so much! ^^
*Should have order more right?*

Mr Bill
just to help him advertise lol.
he is currently still available if I am not wrong. =)

and NEXT
the great Baboon.
give 1 idea.
"Why not lets shot with KLCC, since Beh having DSLR."

by the way inspired by Amelia Ang's photo LOL!.

So here we go.
The girls
Jason n I

The car window that reflects.

Say cheese!

Best smile =D

after the photo session.
Continue back to Joovee's house. so damn big. 3 storey house. =D

end up I stunted.

so our pro photographer ask us to pose here n there. =)

lol. no comment.
*Leng pose like boss*

Me n Beh.
*emo post.*

spotting her red/white wine bottle.

After bath, played mahjong!

and drink sparkling juice.

Serious. =D

the next morning.
wake up around 9am.
Chill around in the living room first.

then eat brunch.

pack up our stuff and get ready to ciaoz
say bye bye to Joovee's dog first,

but too shy. =)

lets go!

Joovee for crashing in your house and nice treat.

Beh for our camera girl, she is just so in love with her Canon EOS500
for driving us
Bill for joining us

and to all my friends. =D

more photos will be updated.

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