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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Emily Lu's celebration @ Lou Ma Zi,Puchong

here you go! 28 Aug 2009

I drive to IOI Mall bus stop and meet Jing Mun.
She lead me to the shop
Lou Ma Zi
a steamboat shop.

OMG! steamboat again!? =)

The shop

Steamboat material =D

The Girls

The Bill

so actually after steamboat we went to Mei Xin's (SMS) house.
to celebrate Jia Chie's birthday.

Before enter her house.
Jing Mun's CRV

In the house

The LM gang.
trying to be cool.

The Cake

Birthday girl!


With the birthday girl

Hope you enjoy your 18.
And study smart.
oh yea! Quickly get a bf k? Either HK or Toyota LOL! =)
I know you understand!
or I shall say you are still AVAILABLE.
and stay in touch!!

Picture of the day

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