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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moral Community Project

Prima Selayang

here you go with a meaningful day. =)
Moral Community Project.

So i decided to wear s white clean T-shirt. forgotten that I am going to help shift stuff.
reached college and met up with college friends.
Shiny White Shirt =D
First of all introduce the photographer
2nd photographer - Wan Yee
Before depart. Group photo!
Pit stop, and it is time to buy snacks! =)

Test Driving Joovee's Estima.
Our bus

Our Moral lecturer.

So, at first I were damn curious, is this place Taman Prima Selayang?
the condo even looks better than Sun-U residence. =D
one of the owner is so kind and generous wanted to donate those stuff to the poor. =)
so we help the owner to shift their stuff.
Let's gather 1 side. Briefing time.

Briefing starts

So we are given instructions to group ourselves into 4 per group.
So my team member, Wan Yee, XinXun and Jesslyn.

Time to get serious. =D

The list of stuff that we need to shift down.

I am doing my job.
Helping each other
Cute Zu Peng playing guitar
FYI! actually it's located 10th floor of the condominium.
Impossible want ask us to carry right?
After 30mins of hard work. Our effort
*The condo is empty*

Next shift all the stuff into the lorry.

Here you go. my boss want to play guitar also.
So now, on the way to Taman Prima Selayang

explaining to us. =)
So here you go, actually Taman Prima Selayang consist of 4 blocks of low cost condominium, each less than 600 sq meter.
And most of the family consist of 5-6 family member.
Do you think income of RM500 is enough for their family member. The answer is NO.
that is the reason why, we are selling all this stuff to them.
Don't worry all the stuff is very cheap, the maximum they need to pay is RM10
for example a cupboard RM10 only.
this is to prevent them from asking too many stuff, and this is also how we train them to plan their money.

Overview of Condo
The lift.
main transport to transport all the stuff.

Bryan,Sohan n I
so here you go! start our job again.

Suffocating in the lift. =D

So, 1 round, 2 round ,3 round.
yeah. I found out that their houses are quite small. Some how they live a normal life.

and every time we deliver their stuff, they will say Thanks to us. =)
we will say SAMA SAMA.
The Children.

and after went down and take photos with the lorry.

Gather time.
wth! Eric's shocked looking.
well done everyone!
Went to restaurant to
eat late lunch.
the only picture with my boss.

and it's time to go back after the lunch.
can't believe the bus air-conditioner not working
so end up stuck there for 1 hour.
oh yea I changed shirt.
*listen to mp3*

YAWN! Tired. =)
last picture of the day. =)

we should help the poor seriously. =)
I think compare to Cambodia and those really poor country, they are worst.
Appreciate what you have now, stop saying that you are not enjoying your life,
because you are the one who determine how to enjoy the life.

take care everyone.
enjoy! =)
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Credits to : Beh and Wan Yee

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