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Sunday, August 2, 2009

pC fair>TimesQuare>BBQparty

wake up quite early. while waiting for Farhan. I slept on the sofa.
around 9.30am, Farhan came and fetch me to Taman Jaya LRT station.
but eventually we walked there.

so can't believe its so early and the LRT is full with peoplessss! =D
*think of it --> PC fair*

after we reach KLCC station, walked to the Convention Center.
it is actually full with peoples but not so crowded.
went around the PC fair, to look for External Hard Disk Drive
since I almost used up my 80GB storage of my 3years old PC.

so look around, I will prefer Western Digital and Seagate.
price list.
WD Passport - 320gb, RM 268 -500GB,RM359
WD Elements - 320gb, RM219 - 500GB, RM319
Seagate free agent - 320GB RM248, 500GB Rm345
Seagate normal, 320GB RM225, 500GB Rm319

I hope Zu Peng can help me find a cheaper one today. =)

oh yea, after that at least Farhan bought a speaker home, Sensonic
and after that we went to Times Square, there is a gathering with the LM gang.

YongLiang asked his friends, and we are at Masjid Jamek station.
once we went out, we saw riot =D
this is my first time experience! ^^
eventually I don't even dare to get close to the groups of anti ISA.
and later on, we just walk straightttttttttttttttttttttttt until Pudu raya, and to TimesSquare.
*what a good exercise.*

while we are around 500meter from the riot.
I saw smoke came out lol.
we even walk faster. =D

Nice photos from Malaysia Kini

the weather was so damn hot, and you know I will definitely sweat right? =D
luckily we have pit stop.

went to Gasoline eat my lunch there, the Chicken Chop don't really make me full.
but the drinks! =D
what you call that..erm..! Pinklady *can't remember the name*
and Shuxuan ordered, Virgin
KaiLin ordered, Peace

Talking on the phone with Astin

Farhan with Jing Mun
Yong Liang n I
KaiLin n I

next watched movie.

rating- 7.5/10
storyline is quite normal
but it is quite funny! =D
and in the end they have some funny interview session,
make sure you watch it.

after movie its around 7pm already.
eat some light dinner at Penang Village
I eat Asam Laksa. =)

Some photos.
The LM girls
Tsae Shiang
3models for them to take photo. number 1. Jing Mun
no.2 with Kai Lin
no.3 with Shuxuan
* I closed my eyes*?

I need the ice lemon tea.
Group photo at the main door.

and lastly took KL Monorail to KL sentral and transfer to LRT --> Kelana Jaya.
while walking to KL Monorail.
Lollipop time.

Eating in the LRT.

WeiJi and Debbie fetched me to Astin's house.
their BBQ is going to end. so it's my last round of BBQ.

took the chicken and lamb to Nasi Kandar Kayu @ Aman Suria PJ

chitchatted till 12am only went home. =D
thanks WeiJi.

what a tiring day. =)

and it's time to Study tomorrow!! ^^

and lastly best picture of the day. =)

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