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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shereen's party!

another fattening steamboat. =D
Venue: Yuen's Steamboat

so after my class which is around 3pm. went to pyramid to watch a movie show!
Believe it or not. I stop watching movie for 2 weeks.
and here you go with my movie addiction again!

District 9

Overall rating : 6.5/10

Comment: Although at first, like reporting news or what but then later on turn out to be not so bad! =D

Movies to watch, G.I JOE - and Cold Prey 2

after that, Jason fetched me to Yuen Steamboat.

Shereen the girl who is going to have birthday
on 16th of August! =D

Hon Leong stunted. Looking how much prawn i eat!
Beloved T5 lecturer, Mr Bill!

and start to eat my fattening steamboat.
it's OK!. since I wanna be fat too. =D

so eat number of prawns, around 20 ?!
they don't have "AM CHUN" egg. SAD!!

some photos to enjoy. will upload more STAY TUNE! =D

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