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Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday free time

so it's Sunday! slept till around 10.30am.
and went to gym =D

around 1pm came back and eat alone in the house. =)
my parents went out ^^

and I continue study T6 lol.
Progress Test is this coming Friday!

well had my dinner at Raku Zen
where is it? SS15 =D
erm...near SJMC.

the set dinner not bad. You can eat till damn full.
A set is around RM48.

so what, I still prefer Japanese Buffet. I AM A BIG EATER.
not Eaten btw.

so that's all.

Won't update till next Thursday.
And I promise you all to upload photos regarding Saturday's outing. =)
*Astin I need your photos*

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