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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wee Liang's birthday @ Manhattan 26/8

i have no idea why during his birthday,
all of us wearing Black.

Attended: Darsh, Wan Yee, Eric, Wee Liang, Jason, Hon Leong, Zu Peng,
, Leng, Katharine, Amanda, Vivian, Penny and WaiYaw

but you see what he wear. =D

so wish u again!
Happy Birthday

Wee Liang

so here is the common chit-chat conversation when we wear black all together.
So when a girl came in our class room at 7.30am, the first thing she say
:"Woah! J**** Why so handsome today? Want to go date?"

and when I see someone not wearing black.
I will ask :" Why not wearing black today!?"
D replied :" This month is ghost month, I believe in traditional beliefs, I don't wear black."

Okay enough of the crap. and I admit Eric is the handsome one on that day.
eh no! Should be Wee Liang. cause he is wearing white.

so in the morning saw our beloved Leng brought a cake to the class.
WOAH! a cake for Wee Liang again!? =D
so she looks a little weird. but guess what is the reason?

She injured her neck cause she needs to protect the cake. =)
Just imagine.
You driving, then RIGHT hand on the steering, and LEFT hand holding the cake.
then suddenly don't know what happen. you turn your neck too fast, and OUCH!
you twisted your neck.

so THANKS LENG for the cake.

*WeeLiang's present from Leng*

and also another one, BEH
design a card for Wee Liang till what time?
4 hours of sleep! And do you think you can concentrate in the class?
Definitely NO. =D]
and she really got the heart to do it.

Product of the CARD

OUR wishes

so after class we went to pyramid. Jason drive his new myvi. what plat number again?
WSX ****
come on lar WSX you know is a new car right? =)

so we gather at Manhattan Fish Market
@ Sunway Pyramid


STRESS! what to order?

ordered our food. What platter is that?
NO idea. I just remember the price RM52.90
share among Wan Yee and Eric.

Penny, Amanda and Vivian

Wee Liang's CANDID

"Paiseh lar"

Manhattan ''Ambassador''

so here you go with Wee Liang's celebration.
so later on don't know who came out with this idea,
I think it is ME and Jason

1 by 1 feeding Wee Liang with the cake.
So I am the 2nd one. Feed him with the cake.

Difference between
His cake and our cake

Do you think he can eat

The answer is

Jason - 1st

ME - 2nd

POSE first! CHILL.
*Beware! 70% cream*


Wan Yee - 3rd

Eric - 4th

Hon Leong - 5th

Katharine - 6th

Wai Yaw - 7th

Zu Peng - 8th

Darsh - 9th

Joovee *DaiLou* - 9th

Leng - 10th

Beh - 11th

in the end!

*luckily he did not vomit*

Before we enter (10ppl)

After we enter ( 14 ppl )

Before we ciaoz

I went home and they went back college.

Introducing handsome guy


FOUND fighting in the college

with my ''dailou''=D

this photo is so sweet!


This photo is so GAY
*just jk*


end of the day.
enjoy my friend! =)

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