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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Amanda's party! ^^ 30 Aug

if you are saying 10 human being is not enough to get High!

trust me when you go to her house.
everyone get High after playing
Truth or Dare

with a nicely equip Samsung LCD TV

and a Panasonic Mini Theater System

how nice if it is with a
Disco Ball

But all of us watching TV

Believe me?
for just a short time only =D

Eat dinner, cooked by Amanda's mum and not to mention her garlic bread. *NICE*

played some cards also.

Camwhore with Jason

in the end watch
Body Guard dvd
and slept in the living room

listen to the song
Be On You
and fall asleep

the next morning.

the balcony

photo of the day.

*flashing back all the memories we had*

Thanks Amanda. =)

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