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Friday, September 11, 2009

Bad luck. read and see

wake up this morning around 9am

went to college and went to watch movie later on. =)

Final Destination 4


HORRIFY: 8.5/10

scary? yeah! but eventually I laugh in the cinema like what others did lol. =)
you can see how they die till so HORRIFYING.
enjoy the movie!

oh yea forget to mention there.
Royal Sport House Warehouse Sale
went there with Jason n ZuPeng and saw Leng n Beh there.
wow! Leng spend RM298. =)
i just bought 1 Reebok shirt and 2 socks.

and when I pay the damn money. I just found out that
The cashier at TGV Cinemas did not return my exchange.
I paid her RM50 for 3 tickets which cost only RM24.

sigH! shall take it as a lesson. T.T

went back to class to have CSB exam (some short English test)
later on went to Rock Cafe - Cybercafe
played Counter Strike with Zu Peng, Eric, Wan Yee and Munn Sing till 9pm

I did not eat my dinner since 11am. and
at 11pm.
I eat 3 pieces of KFC chicken + Cheezy Wedges + 1 Pepsi. =)

nights everyone.

need you

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