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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Broga Hill @ Semenyih 21-22 Sept

21 - 22 September 2009

Broga Hill @ Semenyih

1. Chun Wai
2. Boon Wei
3. Zhen Yoong
5. Kai Jie
5. Mun Hon
6. Eng Yuan
7. Shu Ying
8. Hua Yin
9. Kah Lee
10. Keenen

first of all, this is actually a form 5 class gathering.

Broga Hill is not tough to hike, and takes roughly 30mins to reach 1st look out point
(Total of 3). Each with different view!
Although the hike is short, you may be surprised with the amazing view, which looks as if you are quite high above sea level!

we went to Chun Wai house around 9.30pm.
all of us gather at his house first.
while waiting all to arrive.
ZY check the weather condition


*scattered thunderstorms*
can be trusted. cause midnight it really rains.

Act Sexy

Kai Jie arrived

Plucking TV for us

at night, can't really sleep cause all the guys is chit-chatting.
but at least we sleep for 2-3hours.

The next morning

AliCafe & Tiger
for breakfast

Depart at 5am and Arrive around 6am
*the sky is still dark*

Group photo 1

Alright, everyone is ready and here we go.

Towards the first peak

Arrived at FIRST PEAK !!

5 S5

Group photo 2

I am so sweaty

Nice view

Chun Wai n Shu Ying

Me, Zy, Cw

I love the view

CW, ZY, KJ, KL & Me

Nice one

The 3 gals.

We should look forward
not Backward

To the 2nd lookout point

This is how you should run

Reached the 2nd peak

Finally I can chill,
it is so refreshing.
don't believe?

Just see how Shu Ying smile,
after breathing in the fresh air.

Discussing to the 3rd peak

To the 3rd peak (last)

Reached 3rd peak

View from 3rd peak

You can see the 1st & 2nd peak

Mun Hon, Kai Jie, Yuan, Keenen

Keenen on top of the rock

Zhen Yoong
+ 2 gay behind

Mun Hon,

Shu Ying

Chun Wai

Yuan emo post

Well, my turn

Wanted to take a photo
but 2 of them blocking
*Excuse me*

Perfect 1

When I am trying to chill
with the nice environment
and the beautiful sky


So we went down the hill.
Goodbye Broga Hill !


Spotted a dog !

looks like he got stamina!


Picture of the day

To babe:

this is really cool. hope I can visit this hill again.
thanks to those who attend.
and Chun Wai for organising!

enjoy! ^^

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