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Monday, September 21, 2009

Farhan's Open House + Nite out @ Boston

straight after I arrived KL sentral from Genting Skyway (Cable Car)
I meet up with Fiona and I took the KTM to Subang Jaya

meet up with the LM gang.
(Pro driver: Shuxuan and Jing Mun, KaiLin, Jia Chie, Tsae Shiang, Wei Jie)

around 4.30pm, we head towards Farhan's house. =)
we turn around for few rounds cause we can't remember his house.

but finally we arrived there. =D
saw Jee Seng, Choong Kit, Kaa Seng, and Yong Liang.

Chit-chatting *OMG*

eat the rice and food there.
I love the chicken ^^

Proceed to
Farhan's house.
*there is a big aquarium*

So SweeeeeT! =D

The girlsss

Missing you. =X

and Wei Jie join in


Wei Jie dare me.

11 LM Committee 07/08

Wide Smile. any idea?

*SMS ringtone* and guess what.
Choon Lim wish me Happy Birthday.
thinking that my birthday is 20th of September.
and I just laugh out loudly =D
anyway thanks Choon Lim.

Enjoy the camwhore session..

Gay buddies ME, WeiJie n Farhan

*somehow I just miss our f5 life*
enjoy your life.

Kaa Seng the cute model

Put your hands UP not DOWN

Emo post

Later on went to Boston @ Sunway Mentari

nice environment, no harm trying out =D
they have Jay Chou song's playing in their restaurant. CooL? =)
but I can't assure you if it is everyday they play the same music.

had a goood sleep yesterday. so freaking tired. =)

today will plan to go Chun Wai House
and tmr will visit
Broga Hill

check it out -->
my friend really go there and survey! Thanksssss ^^
see you all tonight!

Picture of the day

*nice head*

well, don't forget to CLICK advertisement alright? ^^
thanks <3

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