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Monday, September 21, 2009

Genting trip 19,20 Sept

here you go
here you go
went to Genting Highland @ 19-20 September

attended: ME, Joovee,ZuPeng, Eric, Wan Yee, Ching, Mee Juen
Xiao Wei, Xiao Wei's sis

wake up so damn early and reached KL sentral at 6.30am.
eat my breakfast at McDonald.

while Chilling
*spotted a CAT*

OMG! Cat want to eat MC.D?

after drinking 3 cups of Coffee, finally they arrived around 8.30am.
and we depart at 9am.
Energetic look but next

exhausted in the bus.

Zu Peng


Genting Coupon

Arrived Skyway station.

Zu Peng stuck in the cable car

Wan Yee & Ching


We are almost there.

Get ready to check in. and half way through we went in to the toilet and this? =.=

It is too early, can't check in.
so we just head to the Outdoor theme park.
but Zu peng is too hungry.

He is the only 1 eating @ Marry Brown
Nasi MB

Heading towards theme park
found this

"Bread" nice smell!

Eric is interested with it.

it is time to enjoy the theme park

went Corkscrew and next Go Kart

we are so interested in this
Duck Duck

Zu peng paid RM6 for 3 chances
100% accuracy he get prizes
2 small prize

1 medium prize

and what you call this?

So freaking SHOCKED. when I am so fat already. =P

With Joovee

Ribena Cup

Splashing me

With Mee Juen, and Xiao Wei

around 3pm
we went back and check in our hotel.

sit down


Wan Yee
with the bear

rest awhile in the hotel.
wanted to continue
with the outdoor theme park.

somehow it is raining. all our hair is wet
wait! let's take a picture

no choice, we play the
Arcade machine

Guess the amount of tickets.


hungry? dinner time. KFC

eat 3 pieces of chicken =D

At night, chit-chatted
and drink

wake up quite late around 10.30am

last picture of the bear

and went Hou Mei to eat brunch

*obviously the food is NOT Hou Mei*

went down to KL sentral
reached there around 3.30pm
and continue to Farhan's house.

*post below*

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