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Friday, September 11, 2009

P.T 2 finish


what you expect after you finish your exam?

first thing in my mind is to watch a bloody damn movie.
I know I am outdated with all the movies.
but I am catching UP!

so eventually I watched

so is it nice? what is the story talking about?
imagine you play Counter Strike all the guy you shoot is actually real human.=D
*any idea?* if still don't understand go watch.

so, I suggested to them to watch this game.since some of them don't dare to watch
Final Destination 4.
LoL! eventually after the movie, some of my friends don't like the movie, but I don't know they are serious or joking. =.=''

well for me. Rating 6.5/10

so eventually I suggested to eat Burger King before the movie
do you still remember the time, where you go eat Burger King get to
Refill your drink like hell. =D
now NO MORE!

finally get to eat the Black Pepper Beef. yummmy!
and Jason introduce the French Chicken? =.=

went to Snooker and Pool.
and later on went home. =)

tiring day? I don't think cause I am still young =D

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