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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scared the hell out of me

when you first read my blog title.

don't think that I met any haunted incident.
actually I just watch a movie call Orphan
@ Tropicana City Mall
-how come there is only 3 floors in total? =D

in case, if you don't know where you park. do this.
Shereen and MY idea
yeah its horrifying but if you ask me to compare with Final Destination.
I think this would be better. If you watch Final Destination 1,2,3.
You would have expect something similar will happen in this episode.
So the survivors will DIE. but how are they going to DIE is the reason why we watch this movie.

lol back to Orphan, it gives me a different feeling compare to FD 4.
so overall rating 8/10

before movie went to a shop don't know what is the name, saw Ie-win and the gang!

went home after the movie. =D
oh yea not to forget mention that I watched with Shereen and XiuQi. =D

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