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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sine Yee's 18th

Happy Birthday

Sine Yee

went to
Luna Bar,
Pacific Regency Hotel Suites

no doubt it is a freaking nice bar.
but it will be better if we can swim in the pool!
agree?! =D

FYI, after 9.30pm they will charge
RM35 for entrance fee. =)

and you want to sit at the nice cushion.
remember to make a reservation.
want the number?
contact me lol.

so you get to see the KL Tower.
how about this?

spot the KL Twin Tower?

eventually we are on the 2nd floor
being too friendly with the waiter
and we get this

Flamming Lambo?
*without flame*

for free!
reason: Sine Yee's birthday
forget to mention that, I steal Jason's last sip

I get to listen to the music.
a nice one.
better than MOS. =D

but then where is the DJ?
I spotted Him.

KL tower on top of us ^^

here you go with
Joovee, Jason, Winnie & Sine Yee

some how, when you want to chill a little after
the blast music.
lets go to the Non Smoking Zone.

I just found out that, something is missing.
where is OUR photo.
as in Jason & I

and lastly.
I just freaking love this effect. =)
with the bday gurl

*fading?* any idea.

alright. it's time to CLICK the ads! ^^
thanksssss! ^^

will go genting tmr.
signing off.
Greetings: Enjoy your holiday.

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