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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

when Guys dress up

hey! since there is 3 hours n 45minutes break today. Leng n Beh suggested us to go Klang to have our lunch!

so we actually went to a mall. Klang Parade
nothing much there.
but our AIM : To look for a pencil case for BEH.
or I shall say BEH is looking for a pencil case.

so when she is looking for her pencil case. I asked him to hold that stuff
you know what will happen when the GIRLS saw PINK stuff?

but this is what Wee Liang will do.

I asked him to hold that stuff

But some how, my buddy - Jason become a fairytale?
Fairy God Father.

I think I know why, must be miss his godest too much

and I choose to join in
before we leave the mall.

well eat our Lunch, at Ying Yang? Jing Jiang? Ping Ang? LoL!
I think it's Ying Ang.
Eat 2 rolls of Popiah and Chee Chong Fun

went back to College, Joovee drive HonLeong's car.
she almost kiss the Proton Iswara or what, but she is too pro. =)

arrived College, safely! And i found out that I lost my hp.
Search through HonLeong's car upside down.
after 15mins, Joovee show me the hp. Lol -.-''

I am too sweaty to walk, so I chill inside my car with them.

forget to mention,
the FM modulator i just bought, the controller is SPOIL

Imagine a FM modulator without a controller,

let say you are listening Track 50, you want to listen Track 100,
you need to click Forward 50 times. -.-

I didn't blame anyone else, just blame that I am bad luck.
and also thanks Winnie for fixing it!

maybe I am using the 1% which is defect want.

I would like to say THANKS to HON LEONG
for lending me his FM modulator controller

it's a smooth drive today, went home earlier compare to yesterday
reached home 7.20pm.

Picture Credits to : JASON TUANG

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