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Monday, October 26, 2009

24-10 Celebration with college frens

BOONIEs celebration.


First of all thanks to those who attend
*let me list it*

Wai Yeow
Hon Leong
Xiu Qi
Zu Peng
Wee Liang

& also Jason who plan it

& Joovee for your crib =D

basically I drive to Joovee's house first,
then she drive us and meet up @ Delicious

anyway sorry
Leng & Xiu Qi & Joovee,
need you all to drive here n there. =)

enjoy the pictures alright? =D

Delicious "Ambassadors"

Me:"Take photo with Eric la.."
Xiu Qi :"Shy shy la.."

Come lar come lar.. don't paiseh

they ask me to get away

Kat, Liang, Jason, ME, Leng

Joovee, ME, Jason Boon Siew, Yoon, Dharsh

Wai Yeow, ME, HonLeong Eric, Xiu Qi, Shereen

Jason, ME, Xiu Qi Eric, Hon Leong, Shereen

Kat Jie, I know big Eyes is cute.

But with a
small eyes like me is
CUTE also =D


double Boon.

alright let's make a WISH
We are not proposing or what k? =D

Get ready! we must eat ALL the cake.

eaten? We are just biting the candle out.

I know you all want to eat the cake.
We are not that evil to eat all right?


Act cute lesson time.

Step 1: Point your finger to your left cheek

Step 2: Point your finger to your right cheek

Step 3: You act like you don't know
how to POSE.

WeeLiang's piercing? Yeah!

my lovely sporting Zu Peng


Hon Leong just receive an important SMS.
and he show to Leng.

Now Leng is trying to get more info from Ching Yoon.

But I think Joovee know what happen
so she announce.

latest couple in the class. =D

is this the one?! ^^

and lastly
I asked Leng
to give everyone of you.
goodbye kiss alright? =)

again! thanks everyone!
I really enjoy it ^^
without you all, I won't be enjoying!

to my readers, continue support me alright?
I am back with Energy bar. =)

Next post PREVIEW: a short post about the present I received =D
not much present but I still want to blog about it.

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