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Thursday, October 22, 2009

babe with me

last Friday - Saturday

went out with my babe.
you know I always wish to meet her. and this is the TIME i can c her. =)

very excited with my babe lol.
so I ended up "ponteng" T7 class, mr.Akbar forgive me. =)

wake up early, went to Sunway Pyramid to buy Donuts for my babe.
and also her lunch. McD. Fillet - o -Fish. =D

wait my babe at the same place and we headed Gardens - Redbox. =)

sing my Love songs to my babe, hope you like it. and of course I can hear
my babe sing too. Her voice = SWEET! ^^
won't go for the details beside singing!

oh yea. and my 1 year anniversary present. we exchanged =D
since she don't want to let you all know what it is.
I hope she wont angry if I show it here. =)
it's super nice. ^^

my birthday present
*she sew it* WOW!

well what I give her?
shall ask her yourself.=D

I love it.
I love you.

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