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Friday, October 9, 2009


sometimes what we want, we can't get
but what we don't want, we always get it.

stop thinking about it. lets continue with our life.

Why not try. Law of attraction? =D

but this is what fate brings me. =)

Remember this cute Honey Bee?

I saw him again. =)
with the new outfit. What is that? Polka Dots? Zebra?

the dad even told us that, next week outfit

so went mc.Donald to have lunch.
Big Mac burger + French Fries + Sprite + Sundae ice cream

Mcdonald Contour Glasses

grab one before it is too late. the first one is out of stock.
forget to mention that my throat is not really in a good condition.
but eating all these will not kill me throat right? eat first lar! =)

and for your information, if you don't park properly in the college compound.

You will get this notice

nights everyone!

do not jealous
but trust me

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