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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy mooncake festival.

it's moon cake festival, lantern festival or moon festival. =) as long as everyone enjoy this tradition! ^^ guess what this year I really eat lots of Moon cake.
Overseas 海外天

Tai Thong 大同
Kam Lun Tai 锦纶泰

Baker's Cottage

ut somehow the most interesting want is

Jelly Moon cake *
No brand*

Flavor 1

Flavor 2

Flavor 3

Flavor 4

guess what actually all the flavor taste the same,
cause it is just made from Jelly, 4 for RM18 cheap? =)

inside of it
Egg Yolk
*looks real*

I hope everyone enjoy it,
although I don't play lantern and candles anymore.

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