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Saturday, October 3, 2009

honey Bee I'm Loving it.

Friday, finish our presentation for Moral studies.
well prepared, and we did not rehearse.
not even once

so the presenting part is still alright. but receive negative comments from Ms.Anne (lecturer)
receive good comments regarding the Research done, and the slides prepared.
say Thanks to Lee Teen n Zu Peng and all the presenters. =)

but somehow we still manage to get 19/25 marks.
plus another 21/25marks which secure 40/100 marks of the total marks.
without attending the exam

finish all this crap. and we went pyramid to have lunch.
BBQ plaza.

oh yea, forget to mention 2 stuff I bump into
1. Saw Li Kee with her bf.
*since when she have a bf lol* so now I know! =)

2. After finish eating BBQ Plaza, I can't believe Shuxuan, Astin, Hui Inn n Hui Ching
is eating at the same place too.
I walked out of the restaurant and went to the toilet,
but Shuxuan and Astin waited me outside =D

so just go there say Hi to them.

went to Mc.D for ice cream. =)
Zu Peng treat us.

while chilling, Honey Bee detected

so we are asking
"Do you want ice cream?"

Jason & I asking

he give us this look

in the end,
guess who he choose?

later on walk around and I just went back home.
nice to meet this cute guy! =)

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