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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What To Buy

If you are given the chance to buy a car with a budget around RM 50k
what will you choose?

Think of any idea What To Buy ?

Yea I wish that I can buy a BMW

I wish that I can buy a Volvo

I wish that I can buy a M.Benz

but with 50k it is impossible
so end up go to this showroom

look at the Proton Saga M-Line (Auto)

attracted you?
but not me =P

but somehow, when I enter this shop
I have the bad feeling this is IT

1 Malaysia. 1 Proton.
I support Malaysia, I buy Proton. =)

let me explain the advantage of it,
since it is already part of family's assets now.

1. The air-conditioner is damn cold
*even in 1st speed*

2. You have a SRS airbag to save the DRIVER

3. Large enough Bonet

4. Longer body
increases the time of impact

thus reduces momentum,
and increases your chances of living

when someone KISS YOUR ASS

5. 1.3CC IAFM Campro Engine

*Forget to mention*
LOTUS designed
6. Cool plate number

Wei Tan Boon

welcome him to our family. =)
hope you can be stronger and prove it to others!

Article is just based on my personal opinion.
I did not receive any payment from Proton. =D

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