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Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy 1 years old BabeBaboon

wow! you are older NOW.

it's time to give you my present!

a new blog Skin!

hope you like it!
and I will always USE you.

don't worry! a good owner like me will not throw you away! =)

P/S: due to stress and studies! blog skin will appear on December!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

the end of CAT

can't believe it is ALMOST
the end of CAT

(almost!? Still have Finals to determine if I still need a CAT )

I am not going to miss
my CAT,

I know you are so damn cute!

Photograph by : Ka Yean

BUT having you in my life,
makes me

Look at the damn

Don't you think if I continue to have you in my life.

I will become MAD 1 day.

end up like this.

So it is time to release stress!


but we should always think at the POSITIVE SIDE

while having CAT I get to met new friends.


get to meet friendly and nice lecturers!
Ms.Yiong (T1,T3), Ms.Geetha(T2,T4) ,

Mr.Tan (T6), Ms P.Ling & Mr.Akbar (T7),

Mr Jay (T8), Mr Simon (T9)

one of them
Mr Bill (T5)

and now the last thing is to get rid of CAT

PASS all the exam!

I am sure I can do it to get rid of CAT
and proceed to ACCA

back to my study mood! =)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cousin's wedding (21-11)

Lily and Yi Lai


Cool car plat number

with a pair of CUTE bear

angpao that I get from them
*how much does it contains?*

& lastly
my handsome little *I don't know*
(my cousin's son - cousin nephew?)

Congratulations to
my cousin sister ( dad side) - Lily &
my new Cousin Sister's Husband! - Yi Lai

I know you 2 will last forever!
Hope you 2 have a great family!

and what I really salute you 2 is that,
you 2 had been together since form 3.
and now you 2 are still together!!

this is what I wan to learn from you 2. =)

take care!

FYI: I could not take much photo, I don't have a camera.
If not I would have take more than 100 pictures!
anyone want to sponsor me? But somehow, I want a SE satio.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Treasure Hunter - Jay Chou

I am a fans of Jay Chou.

and I think most of the fans out there knew that

His new movie -

will be screening on
31st December.

Check out the 120 Sec Trailer from Youtube.

wow! after watching this trailer.
I think I am excited about this movie now.

and recently just saw a news that he will be coming Malaysia to promote the movie.
I will be attending that with my fans club member =)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

PON3Y tail

THIS WEEK, I am having
T8 & T6 exam focus course

sometimes I feel so tired in the class. perhaps the WHOLE class?
so a short break for us are necessary to
REFRESH our mind.


you can chase around the corridor,
hug your girlfriend
talk with each other
go to the toilet and PEE
bullshit with the lecturer

or just freaking
WASH your face.

but WHY NOT! try something different! =)

this is what we do at the corridor.

From my normal spiky

To this



Just put it for fun! =)
*not gay, not sissy*

as long as just try anything FUNNY that can refresh your mind.

and here you go with Jason's pony tail.

thanks to my pony tail stylist.
Winnie & SineYee

*time to study hard. good luck! ^^

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kevang's & Huey Yann's 18th Birthday

HAPPY 18th Birthday

Kevang (12- 11)

Huey Yann (17-11)

yesterday was Saturday, I know it's kinda sad that we have class.
but we are going to celebrate someone's birthday.

so we decided to celebrate it at Library
how to celebrate it Library?
it's not going to have this kind of sign.

but this kind of sign.

it is located at Ecurve

my first try.

*not that bitter,damn smooth*


while waiting for others
we ordered Fish & Chips and Chicken Salad

so when most of them came.
we ordered Cocktail

My drink - Virgin Prayer

Tequila Sunrise

Wai Yeow's
lynchburg lemonade

Sex On The Beach

Chocolate Martini

Whiskey Sour

Hwa Siong's
roamin the gloaming


So everyone arrived, including
Huey Yann, Kenneth, Ryan, Jeff & Jack.

after chit-chatting for a while.
Shereen & I went to took the cake

Kevang looks like crying
and Huey Yann looks so happy lol

the 2 birthday girl

Video- Blowing candles !

The cake

I saw a cherry in the drink
so I decided to ask Shereen to feed Kevang

Camwhore session

Jeff & Kevang

Hwa Siong, XiuQi,
ME & Shereen

Jason & I

Kevang & I

Shereen &I

Xiu Qi & I

What happen to Jack!?
Looks like he just drink a strong alcohol
and Jeff just laugh at him

Kenneth,Jeff, Jack & Ryan
decided to try ZOMBIE

so now they get a little tipsy and ask me to take photo

I just hope that, after drinking this
they won't be a zombie that drinks

After that I look through my photos that I had taken,

my fringe SUCKS! due to sweat

so now I need Jason to help me with my hair

but still, he can't help.
unless he bring OSIS spray

so end up I just give this

photos with the 2 birthday girl


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