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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cousin's wedding (21-11)

Lily and Yi Lai


Cool car plat number

with a pair of CUTE bear

angpao that I get from them
*how much does it contains?*

& lastly
my handsome little *I don't know*
(my cousin's son - cousin nephew?)

Congratulations to
my cousin sister ( dad side) - Lily &
my new Cousin Sister's Husband! - Yi Lai

I know you 2 will last forever!
Hope you 2 have a great family!

and what I really salute you 2 is that,
you 2 had been together since form 3.
and now you 2 are still together!!

this is what I wan to learn from you 2. =)

take care!

FYI: I could not take much photo, I don't have a camera.
If not I would have take more than 100 pictures!
anyone want to sponsor me? But somehow, I want a SE satio.

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