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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

when we turn 18

do you still remember when you are small,
and you get fever - flu - stomachache - midnight can't fall asleep
who is the one stay next to you and take care of you?
I still remember, there is 1 time I am having fever, my mum can't even sleep.
She just came to my room, don't know how many freaking times just to touch my forehead.
to make sure I am still alright

so fast. I am 18 already,
Now when we are sick, our parents don't give a damn already.
we will settle ourselves.

but last week, I am not the one sick. my mum.
she thinks that she is alright,
but still she is not alright.
So I guess, that is the time I take care of her. =)

will not go into details. =D

So children out there, Love your parents alright?
and when they get old, don't just throw them into the old folks home.

take some effort to take care of them, like how they take care of you
when you are small.

*stupid 20-10 Annual dinner*
which makes Jia Chie+LMgang
surprise FAIL!
Lastly enjoy this video.

吴建豪 - 妈妈


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