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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BuBBA Gump - NOT Bubble gum

15 DEC

hey lets go pyramid to have "BUBBA GUMP"

I replied:" why go so far? I thought 7-11 has it?"

Yeah! famous Bubble gum - Bubble Yum
that you could get it at 7-11

but this time.
since exam is over!
*I can hear CAT classmate screaming*

i shall treat myself at

BUBBA GUMP @ Sunway Pyramid


Overall decoration is alright.
and I heard from the staff that
Sunway Pyramid's Bubba Gump
is the LARGEST outlet in Asia?

Believe it or not?

why not take a look of this website,
that shows the interior of it.

There is 2 sign for you to flip
in every table

The sign.

indicates that you do not need assistant.

and the sign
indicates that you need assistant from the waiter

well back to the food!
its kinda costly for a CAT student like me
cost around RM25-RM60.

I ordered the set, include tax RM64

first served with
Caesar Salad

Garlic Bread

Main Course
BBQ Beef Ribs

its a small portion for me
but still satisfied me.

and later on with a desert.
Ice cream and Coffee/Tea

Beh's Shrimp Baked Rice
*if not mistaken*

Ching Yoon's

had fun! bull shit-ing at there with my college friends.
I hope you all enjoy my bull shit - non sense talk
and yeah we laugh like nobody business

sorry lar, I need to express out cause long time
didn't communicate for more than 2 weeks.

Sine Yee, Winnie, Jason

for your information I wake up at 6am. and reach Monash University at 8.30am
and no one is at the 2nd floor of the library.
Active hour : 15Dec 6am till 16Dec 3.30am (19hours)

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