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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wrong fitted bra?

Are you wearing a

After u read the title, don't think that you entered a pervert blog. =)

This is also an information for the guys!

Understand girl's stuff before you tackle them. ^^

actually I am just curious what does the number and cup size means.
For example: 34 B ( what does 34 means? and what does B means?)

So now I get the answer!

You measure around your chest, right underneath the breasts (but not including them, lift em up if ya have to) that is your number (32,36,44 etc, etc) then measure around your chest again but include your breasts this time, now for every inch larger this measurement is than the first one, you go up one cup size. so say your chest w/o boobs measures 34, and with it measures 38, that would be 4 inches difference and therefore be a D cup. so your bra size would be 34D.

If you still don't understand? ask me personally.

And surprisingly I found out that, most of the article says that
the Survey shows that at least 80% of women wear a wrong bra size

The most common mistake is wearing a band size which is too big and/or a cup size which is too small.

For example, the average bra size is quoted as 36C, most people wear this size should actually be wearing 34D or 32 E bra

Here are the most common bra misfits for women.

1. Back Band Riding up

lift up your arms to see if the underband is sitting on the body and that the band is not riding up at the back. If it is riding up, this may means that your band is too big.

2. Cup Size too small

Look at the sides and the top of the cups- it is important that the breast tissue is completely encased by the underwire at the side. Is there any breast tissue bulging out at the top of the cup as well? Try a cup bigger to prevent yourself from having a double boob effect.

3. Back Band Overstretched

This is one of the most common problems for Malaysian women, wearing a band which is too small for them. When your bra leaves red markings on your back, it means that the bra is too small & you need a bigger band.

4. Shoulder straps digging in

The underband of a bra provides 80% of support for the breasts, with the straps providing just 20%. If the bra straps are digging into your shoulder leaving red marks, this is because the underband is too loose and the straps are doing most of the work to support the bust
-Recommend that you try a smaller band size or loosen the straps.
(Credits to: Bed of Roses S/B brochure)

For more info: CLICK HERE

Now guys, you know all of this already,
teach your girl friend or perhaps transfer the knowledge to them.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nuffnang - Tooth fairy movie review


first of all, THANK YOU so much
Nuffnang who gave me the ticket to watch Tooth fairy.

  • Director: Michael Lembeck
  • Writer: Lowell Ganz, Babaloo Mandel, Joshua Sternin, Jeffrey Ventimilia, Randi Mayem Singer
  • Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Julie Andrews, Stephen Merchant, Ashley Judd, Ryan Sheckler, Billy Crystal, Seth McFarlane
  • Duration: 125mins
Tooth Fairy centers on Derek Thompson, an intimidating hockey player known for his ability to knock out his opponents teeth with his deadly charge. He has the ego to match his huge persona and makes sure that everyone around him knows who’s boss. One day he unwisely shatters the dreams of a young fan by telling them they can never grow up to be a success. This causes a domino effect that lands him in Lily’s (Andrews) fairy headquarters. He’s sentenced to two weeks hard time as a tooth fairy, and from that point on cliched laughter and slapstick gags ensue.

the tooth fairy wonderland begins, when Derek received the summons

Derek first visit to the tooth fairy land
P/S: wearing tutu (this is the part I Lol)

the Tooth fairy "god mother" (Julie Andrews)
who in charge of all the
tooth fairy

Derek with his officer - in charge of him(Derek)

Derek with his girlfriend (Ashley Judd)

Derek with ice hockey suit

Personal Rating
Plot: 5.5/10
Action: 4/10
Effects: 4/10
LOL-ness: 9/10

overall rating: 7.5/10

Personal Comment
My first impression is that this movie will be a good laughter movie after I watched the trailer. But I am super shocked that, this movie even make me LOL in the cinema.

I am sure that, Billy Crystal, who is the tooth fairy inventory supplier for Derek make us laugh like mad.

The plot seems good but sometimes there is lack of connection, is like the movie plot seems to be jumping for me, which results me to just give 5.5/10 for Plot.

For the effects part, I think there is lack of giving us to see the tooth fairy effects.
You know, more effects will just attract me. But it seems like the fairy magic looks low budget and low quality.

and lastly, if you are totally emo or tired or whatever, I hope you go and watch this movie.
I am pretty sure after this movie, you will feel better.

Thanks to
Nuffnang , TGV Cinemas & 2oth Century Fox

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Monday, January 25, 2010

How to choose a hair color?

Credits to: Sin Chew Jit Poh - Metro Edition (25/1/09)

Basically hair color is divided into 2 main categories.
1. The WARM category

example: Red, Orange+Brown, Brown, Black, Copper Red, Silver Orange

2. The COOL category

example: Pink, Black, Blue, Purple/Voilet, White, Silver, Green, Violet Red, Coffee Green

There are too many color in the market now, sometimes you don't even know which color you is suitable for you or you are afraid of the outcome of the color.

Actually we choose the color based on our skin color.

Micheal Poh ( hairstylist) says that, FAIR skin tone should choose Cool category
while a little DARK skin tone should choose the Warm category.

If your skin tone is in between Fair & Dark, you are very lucky because you can choose both of the category.

There are many more aspects that we should consider,
and I found out that this article is quite useful.

Forget to mention that, 2010 trend is - SHORT HAIR

like this?
the end.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


SURPRISE or not.
see it yourself.

dare to open the door?
dare not, so peep in





what so special about it?

1 more time!
observe carefully.

Yes! I colored my hair

it is
schwarzkopf - purple (4-89)
(CLICK HERE for Reference)

well. still remember the last time I colored my hair is
during Dec 2008, after SPM!


back to the surprise. surprise? lol.
it is okay. cause I don't give a damn if you don't like my hair color or what.
cause I had been thinking, I am now 19 years old, who knows 3 more years
I might be working, do you think I still color this kind of color?

Obviously no right. Accountant --> PROFESSIONAL!
bound by the ACCA Codes of ethics. (T8)

oh shit! reminds me of results is coming out. *SCREAM*

anyway, as a good boy. I did ask permission from my parents.

back to the process of coloring.
1. bleaching.

after i wash my hair, scary! *omg*

2. colored the hair color!
purple (4-89)

3. next, they apply a chemical. I am not too sure about it.
but it makes your head feel kinda like "spicy" feeling

4. wash it out!

5. treatment time.

6. TADA! =)
it tooks me 2&a half hour!
and spend RM120 for it.

anyway, Stephen says that purple color will drop easily
due to sunlight that likes to absorb purple?

so I am using Schwarzkopf colored hair shampoo
to prolong for 30 days more.

hopefully it will last 2-3months.

and lastly, do whatever you think is rational to do now!
not commiting crime! =D

thanks to Stephen (hairstylist) & Lily (Stephen's helper)
and also Cathy for getting me the discount!

the end.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

MAPCU edu fair

shocked that I went to edu fair?
actually just accompany my blabue!

went for lunch with her @ Secret Recipe mid valley
this is the first time we dine in together at Secret Recipe

Ordered spaghetti and ice lemon tea.
the food is not that nice, but I still have to finish it right?

and after sometime enjoying there, went to the MAPCU edu fair.
the crowd was still okay.
get to see Taylors, Inti & of course Sunway UC!

oh yea I saw Ie-win there! long time no see! =)

then went shopping with my girl!
bought a basic shirt from ****
after surveying around, Zara's pants is not so expensive =D
around RM139 or 189 you can get one. is it due to the CNY? =.=

fetched her back school and I went home through Federal, slight jam but still bearable.

there is a SURPRISE for all
*wonder if it is a surprise for you all*

Do you DARE to open the door
and find out what is inside?

do check out my blog TOMORROW (24/1/10)
and I will reveal it.

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Friday, January 22, 2010


Director: Scott Stewart
Cast: Paul Bettany, Dennis Quaid, Lucas Black,
Tyrese Gibson, Doug Jones, Kate Walsh
Duration: 100mins


When God grows tired of humans and their disobedience, he sends the Archangel Michael (Bettany) to wipe them off the face of the earth. More specifically he needs to kill the one child that can stop God’s wrath and save mankind. The only problem is that child hasn’t been born yet, and the mother is a waitress at a small diner in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Michael defies God’s Will and decides to save the child, which turns the restaurant into a war zone between heaven and earth. He will have to combat an entire legion of angels led by the heavily favored, Gabriel.
(Source From: Screen Crave)

Personal rating:
Plot: 5/10
Action: 6/10
Effects: 6/10

overall: 6.5/10

Personal Comment:
This movie is below my expectation.
The introduction is way too brief that If I don't read the plot from the internet I would not know what is happening.

The scenery is concentrated on 1 place only(the restaurant), which I think not interesting at all.

The effects that I do love the most is the wing of the Angels. Looks real for me, what do you think so? Not much effects you can see in this movie, more on like human action.

While back to plot, I think it is a great interaction among the actors.
There is a twist for the ending, which I never expect that It will happen.

Overall, this movie is still worth the money! try it out and comment at my

Lastly, when you are too indulge in Legion...

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

DOME (20/1/10)

DOME @ Subang Parade

Dome originated from Perth, Australia?

This is my 2nd time visiting dome.
the first time was.. *I don't know how long ago!*

Dome is famous for their coffee and gourmet cakes!

Coffee? I would rather choose Starbucks, if you ask me to choose.
But why not I just give it a try this time.

Went to the Dome @ Subang Parade straight after my class.

Having a yumcha session and I met new friends.
mr J & mr Chua

to be honest they are funny and friendly,
that is the reason why I am able to mix with them too.
Bull shitting with each other for not more than 2hours and I went back home.

well what did we ordered? to be honest I forget about it.
So I am trying to search at Dome's official website, but the website is down!

a Caramel **** & a Honey Comb

Their drinks are not bad! I don't mind visit Dome again!
but don't forget, for the drinks I ordered, price range from RM13-19

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

I know Valentine's day is coming.
but this post is to join the
Nuffnang contest

We are required to write a post about: My Valentine's Day with one of my favourite superstars in Valentine's Day (the movie)

and I decided to choose Taylor Swift

Today, It is 14-2-xxxx

Yesterday night when I asked her if she would like to celebrate valentines day with me,
She accepted my offer.
I told her that I would like to bring her to lake side.
She laugh happily & we started to chat about activities there.

I were so damn happy and I quickly pack my beg, not to forget that I had prepare all the surprises for her.
I knew that this is the best time & place for her to relax, since she is always busy with her celebrity life.

I wake up in the morning & drove my 4 wheel drive to fetch her.
Along the journey, I can see that she is really excited about it.

We reached the place and I park my car.
I use my hand to cover her eyes and I guide to her to the lake side.

1...2....3 !

She felt so happy that she can't even describe her feelings right now.
First, we trek and cycle around the lake

Then, we have a light lunch which I had prepared yesterday.

Next, we canoe around the shallow area of the lake
and have fun swimming.

She is tired thus she went back to the resort and rest
I told her that I would like to visit other places but actually I need time to prepare the surprise for her.

In the evening, sun set.
I blindfolded her and I brought her to the lake side.

She is so excited and ask me what am I doing.
I open up her blindfold.

She look at the Weekender yachts I prepare for her, decorate with shining light bulbs.
I know that she can sees I LOVE YOU from the decor of the bulbs.

I tell her:"I love you my dear."
she replied:"I love you too honey."

I brought her into the yachts and she saw the candle.
she looks happy!

Later on, she feel so shocked after I tell her that I wants to cook dinner with her.
I cook her favourite beef steak for her.

and we enjoy the candle light dinner.

and of course while enjoying the dinner, we can observe the beautiful sky.
I have no idea but today the sky is full with stars.

I switch on a romantic music and I dance with her.
while dancing, fireworks appear.

I am sure that she knows that the fireworks is prepare by me.
She told me before she loves fireworks.

After the fireworks,
She says:"Dear, thank you so much. this is my best ever valentine's day.
I hug her tightly under the moonlight.


Photos credit to Google images

Nuffnang please give me the tickets alright?
thank you!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Beh, Eric & Wan Yee's celebration (13/1)



Wan Yee

Date: 13/1/09
Venue: 1. Che Go Korean BBQ, Sunway Pyramid (3pm)

2. Wong Kok Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid(7pm)

1 week ago, I kind of like plan a party for them with Zu Peng.
After class, we went to
Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid
Leng, decided to give a surprise to Beh so she just went off to pyramid first to get ready cakes.

In the restaurant
10 Attended:
Wan yee, Ching Yoon, Boon Siew, Eric, Wai Yaw,
Dharsh, Hon Leong, Katharine, Wee Liang & I

Spotted me?


Time to eat KIMCHI

Didn't really write down what food.
-Fried rice

-KimChi soup

After ordering the food, I contact her secretly
and she smuggle in to the restaurant, and give Beh a surprise

The cup cakes

close up!

Just joking, we JUST STAND.

We finished the food and it's about 5pm. actually plan to eat steamboat,
but our birthday boys (Eric & WanYee) is too full.
so we decided to change to Wong Kok Restaurant

19 attended:
Beh, Eric, Wan yee, XinXun, Jesslyn, LeeTeen, Dharsh
Jason, Katharine, Wee Liang, Zu Peng, Ching Yoon, Boon Siew
Michelle, Daniel, Bryan, Amanda, Penny & I

Can't wait for the
Xtra large Milk Tea

Birthday boy
-charming smile with the milk tea

2+1 Xtra large Milk Tea

when everyone had their dinner, Wee Liang & I prepare the cake.
First time, candle blow off by the fan
2nd time, blow off again
3rd time, successful.

Wan yee, Beh, Eric
with Banana Chocolate cake

then we sing the Acoustic version of
Happy Birthday
tooooooooooo U

Struggling to bite the candle out

Eric's turn
I remember his nose hit the cake Ewww!

Beh trying to dominate the cake
since she like this flavor so much
Eric: scarrrrrryyyyyy
WanYee: haha *fake smile*

and after they feel the aura of Klang's boss
this is how they "cut" the cake

a not complete group photo!

and lastly

Credits to Beh for the pictures
Camera model: Canon EOS 500D

wish you all have a successful life, especially our target: pass ACCA!
wish all your dreams come true!

thank you so much for attending!

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