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Friday, January 15, 2010

Beh, Eric & Wan Yee's celebration (13/1)



Wan Yee

Date: 13/1/09
Venue: 1. Che Go Korean BBQ, Sunway Pyramid (3pm)

2. Wong Kok Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid(7pm)

1 week ago, I kind of like plan a party for them with Zu Peng.
After class, we went to
Che Go Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid
Leng, decided to give a surprise to Beh so she just went off to pyramid first to get ready cakes.

In the restaurant
10 Attended:
Wan yee, Ching Yoon, Boon Siew, Eric, Wai Yaw,
Dharsh, Hon Leong, Katharine, Wee Liang & I

Spotted me?


Time to eat KIMCHI

Didn't really write down what food.
-Fried rice

-KimChi soup

After ordering the food, I contact her secretly
and she smuggle in to the restaurant, and give Beh a surprise

The cup cakes

close up!

Just joking, we JUST STAND.

We finished the food and it's about 5pm. actually plan to eat steamboat,
but our birthday boys (Eric & WanYee) is too full.
so we decided to change to Wong Kok Restaurant

19 attended:
Beh, Eric, Wan yee, XinXun, Jesslyn, LeeTeen, Dharsh
Jason, Katharine, Wee Liang, Zu Peng, Ching Yoon, Boon Siew
Michelle, Daniel, Bryan, Amanda, Penny & I

Can't wait for the
Xtra large Milk Tea

Birthday boy
-charming smile with the milk tea

2+1 Xtra large Milk Tea

when everyone had their dinner, Wee Liang & I prepare the cake.
First time, candle blow off by the fan
2nd time, blow off again
3rd time, successful.

Wan yee, Beh, Eric
with Banana Chocolate cake

then we sing the Acoustic version of
Happy Birthday
tooooooooooo U

Struggling to bite the candle out

Eric's turn
I remember his nose hit the cake Ewww!

Beh trying to dominate the cake
since she like this flavor so much
Eric: scarrrrrryyyyyy
WanYee: haha *fake smile*

and after they feel the aura of Klang's boss
this is how they "cut" the cake

a not complete group photo!

and lastly

Credits to Beh for the pictures
Camera model: Canon EOS 500D

wish you all have a successful life, especially our target: pass ACCA!
wish all your dreams come true!

thank you so much for attending!

I'm listening to:
Empire State of Mind
JayZ feat Alicia Keys


  1. OMG
    You know Beh too??
    She was one of my best friends during primary school



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