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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 (30-12) End of Penang trip + s5 gathering

did not do much activities. just wake up around 9am
and we walk to the nearest shop - mamak to had our

Last group photo of the day

bus from Sungai Nibong terminal - 1pm
arrived Old Railway station at 6pm.

Thanks to Chun Wai who fetched me.

continue to
Kai Jie's house for my
5th secondary class (5s5) gathering
- Potluck Party

organized by Chun Wai Venue: Kai Jie's house
Photos credit to: Chun Wai

Kai jie
welcome us with a Big smile



Chicken Wings
- KaiJie

- Jason Chong

with Cabonara sauce
- Jason Chong

Frozen chopped chicken
- Yi Rui

the Foods

Chit-chat & Eating session

Me, Jay Wvin, Edmund, ShiNing

Me, Jay Wvin, Edmund, Iiko

From left to right:
Iiko, ShuYing, YingYi, Yi Rui, EngYuan, Z.Yoong

Eng Yuan with his CUTE post
& Yi Rui just can't stop laughing!

The next Amber Chia in the house.
Li Kee

Z.Yoong & Chun Wai

Z.Yoong & Jay Wvin

Chun Wai & Me

BBQ food in progress

Wei Quan & Xian Tze
*thank you so much for cooking the lamb*
it taste great!

Before we had fun with activities
lets cheers for S5 2008

Fun activities begin
Musical chair.

Rules: Loser need to let someone draw his face

Introducing our "Professional" stylist

She looks so serious!

1st victim

Final product of the 1st victim

2nd victim

Final product of 2nd victim

and then everyone just draw here n there!

Z.Yoong helping Iiko

Jay Wvin
-The next vampire

Sucking blood !

Mun Hon

Jason Chong
- The next Hitler

Eng Yuan
- The next Bao Qing Tian

Ying Yi
- The next Zombie

Xian Tze

Chun Wai

the next Naruto



The girl version of
"Bao Qing Tian" with a Sun
Li Kee

Trying to hit the black eye dog- Right eye ( ShuYing)

another one! Left eye (Shi Ning)

the next Ninja Fight

things get a little tipsy!
and this is what happen to 2 guys

all the time when we are playing
Kai Jie's dog just stunted
he did enjoy with us too!

Group photo 1
Serious face

Group photo 2

Group photo 3
act funny

Group photo 4
put your hands up with 5
*represent our class S5*

and that is also the end of our s5 gathering!
I hope we can have more gathering in 2010.

I am so freaking exhausted but I still enjoy it!
I know musical chair sounds a little childish, but who cares!?
as long as we do enjoy and continue keep up the S5 bond! ^^

see you all again! I will surely miss you all!

lastly, from the deepest of my heart I would like to say
thanks to all who put the effort on attending it!
without you all! our S5 gathering won't be successful, we must keep this spirit up!

and also
Chun Wai who organized the 5th s5 gathering!
our beloved
Kai Jie who lend us his house,
sorry for the mess!

and for the
Penang trip
thanks to
Shereen who help me to plan this trip!

and also
Joovee, Hon Leong, ChingYoon,
Chay Leng, Boon Siew & Munn Sing

who tried to make it!
I do enjoy it too!

hope we will have next trip again!
I know it is very fun with you all! get to eat Eat & EAT!
and now we should get ready for our ACCA.

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